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Speaker Boehner announced today that he is retiring.  He met the Pope yesterday, had a political epiphany and he said, “I’m going home.  Peace out suckas.   Pack up my spray tan machine.  You’ll find me on the 16 fairway on a golf course in Cinci.”

Maybe he didn’t say exxaaccctttllly that, but I’m betting there were tears involved.

After Boehner’s announcement today, I took a moment to stop and think.  Gee I wonder why the Speaker would resign?  Boehner occupied one of the most powerful offices in the nation.  What would drive someone to want to give it all up?  I decided to go to my favorite Kansas Congressman’s twitter feed for some in-depth political insight:



Every time I visit Congressman Huelskamp’s twitter feed I think to myself, “I wonder how that national anti-bullying initiative is going?”

It’s no shock that Huelskamp and I don’t agree, but it has to take A LOT to push Bob Dole to call out a fellow Republican and Kansan.  That’s exactly what Huelskamp has done.  Reacting to Boehner’s resignation announcement Dole said,

“Since (Boehner’s) election to leadership, he has unfortunately been plagued by a group of Republican naysayers, including one from Kansas. In their refusal to support John, it has been difficult for House Republicans to pass important legislation.

“I doubt this group of obstructionists will be supportive of whomever succeeds John as Speaker, but we can always hope they will become team players.”

Read more here:


Say it with me….Oooohhhhh SSSNNNAAAPPP!!!


Let’s review the characteristics of a bully.  From our own KSDE website, a description of a bully:


  • Aggressive bullies are the most common type of bully. Young people who fall into this category tend to be physically strong, impulsive, hot-tempered, belligerent, fearless, coercive, confident, and lacking in empathy for their victims. They have an aggressive personality and are motivated by power and the desire to dominate others. They are also likely to make negative attributions, often seeing slights or hostility in those around them where neither actually exists. According to Olweus, the aggressive bully tends to be most popular in the early school years and then less so in the upper grades — perhaps because young children are more likely than older students to admire the macho image. As students get older, they become better able to think critically about peers and “leaders.”

Other names for a bully: a tormentor, a ruffian, a rascal, a browbeater, a huelskamp, an intimidator

I may not have agreed with Boehner and the mispronunciation of his last name made me laugh like a twelve-year-old boy, but pushing politics to a more polarizing point in this nation is not going to get thing done.  If you are one of the millions fed up in this country with politics as usual, look for politicians that focus on the middle, not for politicians with a take no prisoners attitude like Huelskamp.  There is nothing  guaranteed to put an abrupt halt to progress than the radical extremist views of the far left and the far right.

Bring the Bob Dole Kansas back to Washington.  Tell Huelskamp that his tactics don’t represent Kansas or the voters.



2 thoughts on “Oh Snap! KS Politicians go at it. Bob Dole calls out Huelskamp for his bully tactics towards Boehner

  1. blogenfreude1 says:

    Baaab Dole should not be surprised. His party has been combining the votes of the rich and sociopaths, bigots, and idiots to win elections since the late 50s. Boehner said he wanted to “save the institution.” I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

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