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The hottest read in Kansas right now is the new survey put out by Fort Hays State – Kansas Speaks 2015! A public opinion survey.

I added the exclamation point to give it a little more pizzazz – kind of like Jeb!  Hey, these guys are researchers, not marketers or they would have added the exclamation point.

It turns out the old saying is correct – opinions are like <bleep> everyone has one.

Kansas had a lot to say in this 40 page document.  I’ll admit I’m a little hurt that I didn’t get asked to participate in this survey.  I’m a Kansan and I have a lot to say.  I’m sure Ft. Hayes State TRIED to reach out me, but I was probably busy.  Hey Ft. Hayes – call me next time!

76% of people responding thought Kansas was a good place to live.  They are right – Kansas is a great place to live.  We have good schools, great people and then there is our Governor…..

You may have heard about Kansas and our great tax experiment.

Over three-fifths (61%) of respondents felt Governor Brownback’s tax policy has been “a failure” or “a tremendous failure” in terms of economic growth, 32% of respondents felt it was “neither a success nor failure,” and 7% felt it was at least “a success.”

7% felt like it was a success?  7% actually believe that Governor Brownback’s tax policy was good for Kansas!

Just who are these 7%?  Do these people really exist?  It was kind of like looking for unicorns – I had to know if these 7% really existed.

I went on a quest to find out.

I asked around a lot, “Do you know anyone who believes that Governor Brownback’s tax policy has been good for Kansas?”

I received a lot of blank stares, some interesting one-fingered gestures and some spontaneous bursts of laughter from most Kansans.

Then a gentlemen I was speaking with pointed to a young man sitting by himself at a local Starbucks.

“I think he was mumbling that he thought Kansas tax policy was working,” the man said.

I ran up to the young hipster and asked him, “Do you think Brownback’s tax policy has been a success for Kansas?  Are you part of the mysterious 7%?”

The guy looked up at me dazed , “no ma’am I was talking about a sax plan for Kansas.  I think we should bring back jazz to Kansas.  Or wait! Maybe it was my fax plan I was talking about. We all need to fax again.  Faxing was cool in the 1980’s.”

So much for finding my 7%.

I will keep looking for this 7%.  All I can say is whoever you are, you are completely disengaged from all of the revenue/budget problems we run into time after time from Brownback’s failed tax plan.  This state doesn’t have money to cover our expenses.  We are cutting valuable programs, because of his failed experiment.  His plan has hurt our children and our under privileged in this state.  It has not allowed Kansas to thrive and the effects of his grand experiment will leave this state hurting for years to come.

Now excuse me while I go fax something – I think the hipster may be on to something.




13 thoughts on “Shocker – 7% of people believe that Brownback’s tax plan was a success. My quest to find them.

  1. sallybr says:

    Interesting that you wrote this article, as I’ve been also trying to find those people. Granted, I am at KSU and probably my sampling is biased. But it is hard to believe 7% are somewhere in the state. I am tempted to say I do not believe the survey, but that would be mean and rude. right?


  2. Annette Burnsides says:

    Love it!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Dan Mosier II says:

    I hate to nit pick but it’s Ft. Hays State not Ft. Hayes.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      it’s ok to nit pick! I already caught it. Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t know why I wanted to add an “e” maybe because I’m an Amy with two “ee”s!

  4. Tom Mulligan says:

    Missouri and Oklahoma are doing much better attracting jobs from us, so maybe they jumped the border for the survey. The red legs are alive and well.

  5. CaptainInquisitor says:

    SHOCKER – 7% of people believe that Aimee Patton’s blog comments are insightful. My quest is to find them, and offer reparative brain therapy ASAP.

    After taking an extensive break from blogging recently, Ms. Patton apparently has now returned with fresh material….NOT!!! That can only mean one thing dear reader….Yes, she’s once again barking at Brownback!! Much like an obsessive-compulsive who plays the same record over and over, until the lyrics cease to have meaning due to auditory sense overload, Ms. Patton has played the Brownback album to ruin.

    In search of someone, anyone, who could explain Aimee Patton’s blogging appeal, I set sail for the places where she’s been known to loiter.

    First stop, The Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd. Well, that didn’t take long, as the entire complex had been cordoned off with police tape and hazardous waste warnings. Word on the street was that the location had been serving as a local headquarters for a crime syndicate based out of California, which distributed mind-altering intoxicants. And to think that Aimee professed a desire to work there! Before I returned to my vessel, I passed by a makeshift homeless encampment with a cardboard sign reading—“Former editorialist will blog 4 food!!”

    Next up, following our nose, we tracked north toward the source of a stench which I can only describe as a cross between dead fish, sun-baked vomit, and stepped-in dog doo-doo….yep, it’s City Hall on 12th Street. Entering the lobby, before I could even ask if anyone had seen Aimee, a fat man adorned in bowtie paused in mid-song to inquire if I had a concealed-carry gun on my person. Not waiting for my response, he then proceeded to rant for several minutes about shafting taxpayers, electing Hillary, and naming an airport after himself…”Too Heavy For Takeoff.” When I was finally able to get a response in, I informed him that while I did not currently have a gun with me, if his singing was to be a regular occurrence, I could bring one next time.

    Third on our journey, we traversed the tributaries paralleling the Missouri River until we entered the tranquil grounds of William Jewell College in Liberty. While we’re sure Ms. Patton has mentioned her degree from this fine institution, the only person I could track down who recalled her presence on campus, was a retired security guard who told a tale of a beer-drinking coed who was known to pee her pants at haunted houses. Not exactly the scholarly type, I took him to imply. Enough said. Back to ship.

    Locating plenty of strange characters, but none rational enough for discussion, we reversed sail and set a southwesterly course toward Johnson County into the heartland of Ms. Patton’s liberal enclave of suburbia. Surely, in this mecca of Google fiber-weaving, Starbucks sipping, iPhone ringing, Lexus-posturing populace, we’ll locate someone who finds Ms. Patton’s blogging comments pleasantly eccentric. Won’t we?

    I headed straight into the heart of darkness…..Oak Park Mall, Nordstrom, women’s shoe department. Dodging the perfume spritzers upon my entrance to this lair of liberal conspicuous consumption, I loudly announced a gold doubloon for any staff member who could explain the appeal of Aimee Patton’s blog. Having caught the Ken and Barbie’s full-commission attention, yet simultaneously stumping them with my query, they reported that while they knew naught the answer to my question, they could escort me to Men’s Shoes and outfit this inquisitive Captain with a new pair of Prada black leather boots. Enough of these bilge rats!! Back to my ship once again, after finding but knaves and picaroons where this woman dost dwell.

    Alas, there is no answer to why one would find Aimee Patton’s blog comments appealing. A form of moribund entertainment? Certainly yes, like watching a dog chase it’s tail, or Hillary proclaiming her innocence.

    We now lift anchor, and drift toward the setting sun, across the fallow folds of Kansas’ good earth. Ahoy dear reader!

    1. Rick Cooley says:


      I guess you found part of that 7% in CaptainInquisitor. Perhaps he/she can lead you to more. Or you could start with the legislators who passed his plans, or his family.

      1. Aimee Patton says:

        Yes I did. This guy puts serious time and effort into every response on my blog. I love it!

    2. Aimee Patton says:

      A few things: 1. You noticed it’s been a while since I posted so you missed me. 2. I think secretly you like me. I love your comments. They are smart and very well researched. I don’t think my mom knows this much about me! Keep up the great work and I would love to see you start a blog sometime. Your writing is great. Aimee

      1. CaptainInquisitor says:

        Aimee dear….this IS your mother!!

        Honestly dear, sometimes I just don’t understand your politics. I’ve had to adopt a pseudonym in order to try to talk some sense into you.
        Anyhoo, are we still on for the casino Friday night?

        Your Mother

      2. Aimee Patton says:

        You had me and then you lost me. Have a good weekend.

  6. Flint Lock says:

    Why do you morons continue to vote for this idiot ? It is amazing that you elect him to the Senate twice, three times and now twice as Governor. Absolutely stupid. The guy is a total fraud and has been most of his life. Look at his brother. He is cut of the same cloth.

  7. themadkansan says:

    …A good place to start is at the top of the state’s income distribution; I’d wager that between the 1%ers and the toadies that service them, you could come up with a roughly 7% total.

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