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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback finally came out on top. He was voted number one in something. Strike up the band and get the parade started down Main Street – this calls for a celebration!

Did he win for providing the best economic plan for any state in the nation?

Ding – sorry wrong answer.

He must have won for his aggressive job growth plan that has created thousands and thousands of new jobs for Kansans?

Ding – try again.

Oh…oh…I know!  It must be for his plan to reduce childhood poverty in our state.

Ding – now that’s just crazy talk.

Governor Sam Brownback came in NUMBER ONE in a recently poll for the WORST approval rating of any Governor in all 50 states.  Brownback has an approval rating of….drum roll please….. 26%.

“Governor Brownback is a dedicated politician.  He’s always in it to win it.  When he realized he had an opportunity to be the worst Governor, he just went for it.  Think about it.  It started with the crazy tax plan gamble that failed.  Add to it the wild west gun laws, the war with the courts and top off that political no win sundae with the epic fight with teachers and school funding which is the cherry on top.  All other Governors were going to be left in the dust.” said an anonymous Kansas staffer.

In fact, it wasn’t even close.  He beat out all other governors hands down.  The next closest shitty Governor was Bobby Jindal with 35% of the vote.  Our governor beat him by 9% points so take that Louisiana!

The staffer continued,”just look at the surrounding states.  Oklahoma’s Governor has a 50% approval rating.  Who wants to be average?  How boring is that?  Then you have Missouri with a 52% approval rating.  We all know how Nixon handled Ferguson and he still walks away with a 52% approval rating.  Kansas didn’t have rioting in the streets and we still blew him out of the water in the worst category.  Now that is saying something.”

Remember, Brownback isn’t done yet.  The question, is like in limbo – how low will he go?  It’s very possible at this rate that single digits are in his future.





15 thoughts on “Kansas Governor Sam Brownback finally comes out on top

  1. themadkansan says:

    …I still say there was voting-machine shenanigans. I fuckin’ DARE ’em to prove me wrong.

    1. BJ says:

      I say that “themadkansan” is an imbecile!! Prove me wrong.

  2. Not to sound like an asshole, but I will. These conservative GOP idiots come in a trash their state, then people in sane states pick up the mess, and the tab. These numbers are guesses, but my state, New York, gets back something like 87 cents on every dollar it sends to the federal government. Red states generally get back … $1.10, $1.14 or something like that. I do not want to subsidize conservative tomfuckery. Call me crazy, but I want every state to care about their poor people and stop trying to gut Planned Parenthood.

  3. Greg says:

    That rating is bad!! But it is better than President Obama!!

    1. Tom says:

      Actually, not close. Obama is more popular in Kansas. That’s right, Kansas. However, thanks for the standard right wing shorthand nonsense.

    2. No, it is much worse than President Obama’s approval rating.According to the latest Gallup poll, Obama’s approval rating is at 45%.What makes Brownback’s rating so much worse is that Kansas has a large majority of Republicans. Can you imagine how bad the Royals would have to be for 74% of the fans to disapprove of Ned Yost?

  4. BJ says:

    When someone has nothing new or worthwhile to share, yet they feel somehow compelled to publicly vent their stale state of mind, they produce a blog posting such as this offering from Aimee Patton.

    Exactly how many times has she heaped scorn upon Kansas Governor Brownback? I don’t know precisely, but she’s well on her way to infinity! Of course for the reader, this means a predictable and monotonous regurgitation of the same diatribe, over and over and over……..whew! fell asleep there…..just like what happens when Ms. Patton is devoid of originality and lazily resorts to her Brownback whipping boy.

    Any ocassional visitor to this blog, like myself, recognizes the truth as I’ve described it above. But, while everyone can be lazy and fall into repetitive bad habits, what I cannot forgive on the part of Ms. Patton is her apparent lack of curiosity and acceptance of the fictionalized Right versus Left national political paradigm.

    If we are to take Aimee Patton at face-value, we know that at some point in her life she chose to align herself with the policies of the national Democrat party. I don’t know when this happened, or for what reason if any, but I’ve never heard/read her criticizing a Democrat politician. It’s always a very partisan attack upon Republicans. Such outlandish purposeful lunacy! As if under Democrats rule, the budgets always balance, peace prevails throughout the land, the economy is on an upswing, widows and orphans cease to exist, and it remains forever Spring throughout the year!

    While I’ve been berating Ms. Patton for her lopsided heavily skewed political writing in the past, I’ve tried to inject some humor to match her own playful snarkiness, but she doesn’t seem to be catching the message sent and keeps falling backwards into her stale habits. Ms. Patton would find her true voice and attract a wider audience if she became an equal opportunity snarky blogger, writing across the political spectrum, lambasting Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike who attract her notice. I guarantee that there’s no shortage of targets among those three groups. Add in some commentary on current news events, and interesting stories not covered by the mainstream and her readership will skyrocket.

    Let me start you off with an inaugural story idea which I’m sure most are not familiar with:

    Explore the shared relationship that Sam Brownback and Hillary Clinton have to the Washington, D.C. political organization known as “The Family.”

    Ms. Patton, time to get real, and talk about the truth.

    I wish you well, and Happy Holidays.

    1. themadkansan says:

      Shorter BJ:


      Go read your David Brooks column and be happy and stupid.

      And if you don’t think we know about Brother Brownback’s C-Street Evangelical Clusterfuck Club membership already, you’re =way=behind…

      1. BJ says:

        Shorter version of “themadkansan” :

        YUCKKKKKKYYYYYYY!!! You not talk right….you clusterfuck my brain!!!
        Brownback ALWAYS EVIL!!! Saint Hillary ALWAYS GOOD!!
        You leave now before me pee my pants and soil me shorts.

      2. themadkansan says:

        Conservatives are Evil Incarnate. Feel The Bern.

        Now Go Away Before I Taunt You A Second Time.

      3. BJ says:

        “themadkansan” unmasked = a “pussy” hiding behind a fence, licking their self-inflicted wounds!!!

    2. wow – what a blowhard…

    3. BJ, I like your style, but your main complaint seems to be that Aimee picks on our governor too often. Instead of criticizing her for that, I suggest you attack Aimee on Gov. Brownback’s strengths. For example, I bet his approval rating among business owners and members of LLC’s is over 90%. I bet he is near the top of approval ratings in the country among the wealthy. Focus on the positive, BJ!

  5. Jack Mayer says:

    Kinda makes us proud to be Kansonians!



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