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Sing it with me….”it’s the final countdown”…..

We are only 30 days out until the Kansas legislature is back in session.Somebody get Bravo’s Andy Cohen on the phone because that can only mean one thing legislative d-r-a-m-a. The only good thing is it will get my blood boiling to keep me warm during the cold, winter days. I’ve started doing my finger exercises so I can type a lot of blogs in this upcoming session without getting worn out. I’m trying to come up with creative new ways to describe our Governor- anyone have alternatives to the words “disaster” and “hot mess”?


I expect the session to come back and pick up right where we left off – with an epic budget crisis. Quick walk down memory lane. Brownback implemented his extreme tax cuts a la every Republicans wet dream. Republicans around the nation waited in anticipation to bow down and worship Brownback when his tax cuts were a huge success and Kansas thrived. Brownback was then going to run for President and sashay into the White House on his economic platform.
Fast forward a few years….the tax cuts were a huge failure and Republicans around the country were heard saying “Brownback who?” Everyone and their brother is running for President – everyone except Brownback.
And here we are – bracing for yet another year of budget problems in Kansas, but hold the phone! I just read this!

Kansas governor wants no tax debate, expects no budget drama


Republican Gov. Sam Brownback says Kansas legislators shouldn’t tinker further with tax laws next year and argues that the state budget is in “good shape” despite a projected shortfall because his economic policies are working.

Read more here:

Did you hear that lawmakers? No Drama and NO TINKERING! You might be thinking about tinkering, but this is a no tinkering state.


“I think we’re going to be in good shape,” the governor said. “I think we’re going to be able to work our way on through, provided we don’t have just a real big global economic set of problems.”

Translation – it’s alllll goooood. So what if we are $160 million dollars in the hole? Stop being so dramatic Aimee.


That “real big global economic set of problems” he’s talking about – Obama. It’s always Obama. Dammit Obama. Stop with your big, global economic set of problems all the time that got Kansas into this mess.

If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm. I’m betting there will be lots of drama and probably some pretty serious tinkering. I will be here to say “I told ya so.” Now excuse me while I go do my finger exercises to get ready. There is one involving my middle finger that I do on behalf of all Kansans – I call the Brownback.


8 thoughts on “Brownback says no drama and no tinkering, because it’s all gooood in Kansas

  1. Barreling down the wrong road, but there’s a cutthrough. And there’s no cop car parked there with a radar gun. You could turn around. Or at least get off at the next exit and consult a map. But no – you’re sure Shangri-La is just around the corner, despite all indications to the contrary.

    Oh, how the mighty GOP has fallen. Can’t run away from their policies fast enough. How many states will they wreck before we come to our senses?

  2. The budget hole only grows as the transfers from the Highway Fund were a one time fix. Elections have consequences and only the voters can change the course the ship of State is on.

  3. LeftoversAgain! says:

    Aimee Patton is back blogging again, and guess what her topic is? Go ahead, venture a WILD guess! Take a stab in the dark! Look for that needle in a haystack, dear reader, as I bet you can nail her topic of choice with just one guess!

    Hmm….could it be the contrived duopoly of America’s two-party political system?
    No, I don’t think so, as that is a topic beyond her reach and comprehension.

    Well….what about the thoroughly corrupt candidacy of Hillary Clinton who is coordinating with the Neocon war hawks of the George W. Bush era to ramp up America’s policy of preemptive military strikes and constant global warfare?
    No, that would certainly violate her pledge of allegiance to the Democratic National Committee.

    Oh oh….how about President Obama morphing from a 2008 media-driven Messiah figure into a George W. Bush clone conducting the business of Wall Street and perpetuating America’s business of war?
    Absolutely not, as that would shatter the illusion of “change” that was promised to the gullible public as represented by Ms. Patton.

    Are you suggesting the utterly repetitive? Say it isn’t so…PLEASE!! Oh I beg of you! Do you mean to tell me that Aimee Patton has chosen for the hundredth….no thousandth….no BAZILLIONTH time to write about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback?

    Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES sir/madam!!!! You are a WINNER!!!!

    Blogger Aimee Patton is a partisan political Democrat with Tourette’s Syndrome. At any time, on any occasion, she’s apt to burst forth with an explosive discharge of anti-Brownback effluence which leaves her own character stained with the evidence of impulsive spasmodic thought contractions. It’s not a pretty sight, dear reader, and such a shame that she refuses to take the curative elixir of “independence.”

    When offered the “blue” pill or the “red” pill, as soon as you close your mind to the alternatives beyond these two choices, you’ve relinquished your power and chosen to subjugate yourself in a falsely constructed paradigm.

  4. Jean says:

    Today the Wichita Eagle asked for readers’ hopes for the legislature in 2016. The site, didn’t go anywhere. Is it bogged down already by readers’ desire to have the circus take ownership of the monkeys, clean up the monkey doo,and leave the state? How about peace on earth, good will in Topeka for a start. Just because we don’t agree with his governorship, doesn’t mean we are wrong or evil etc.. How about fixing the tax problem by admitting it exists and that mistakes were made. No Virginia, not only is there no Santa Claus, there is no sanity either. Aimee, keep your fingers in training so you don’t strain a ligament when the Big Top re-opens in January. Maybe the best we can hope for is diapers for the monkeys so there’s no more monkey doo all over the state.

  5. Jon Bowers says:

    Well, its hard to take someone serious who hates iced tea!

  6. EyesWideShut says:


  7. Ben says:

    When SASSE met SNARKY
    No “BS” from Senator B.S.

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