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If you felt like all roads to Topeka were a bit more congested than normal yesterday, that’s because our Kansas lawmakers all made their way back to start the 2016 session.

There to greet them was an economic mess that continued from last year as Kansas continues to face a budget shortfall estimated to be $175 million in the next fiscal year.

Senate President Susan Wagle explained it this way –

“We are in this situation not because of what we’ve done here in Kansas. We’re in this situation because we are in an international recession,” Senate President Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, told a gathering of Senate Republicans on Sunday night. Read More Here

I consulted with international economic expert Dr. G. Oogle to see what I could find out about this international recession causing the Kansas budget crisis.

The evidence was clear. Certain markets MAY BE facing an international recession like China and Brazil, but the US isn’t one of them. From the Washington Post,

Still, many economists doubt that the emerging-market debacle will squash the U.S. recovery. “The U.S. consumer and the housing market are big driving forces,” says Behravesh. U.S. exports to emerging-market countries are only about 4 percent of the economy (gross domestic product). Any loss of exports can be overwhelmed by higher consumer spending, which is nearly 70 percent of GDP. And Behravesh thinks consumer spending will remain solid for many reasons: strong job growth (around 200,000 a month); low interest rates (households’ interest payments as a share of disposable income are the lowest since the mid-1980s); and low gasoline prices.

That leaves us with Wagle’s assessment of how we got to this mess in Kansas. I will plot this out on my bullshit meter. A 1 means that she is bullshit free and this quote is a true statement and a 10 means that she is completely full of shit.

So did an international recession cause Kansas to end up $175 million dollars in debt? I’ve plugged this quote into the meter.

One second while it calculates the results….


It’s a 10!!! This excuse is completely full of shit.

We are in this mess because of the Brownback tax cuts, not because of an international recession.

Nice try Senator Wagle


8 thoughts on “Must Read – Is KS in debt because of an international recession? #ksleg

  1. Kansaswoman says:

    Excellent comment. Some of these repubs should get the facts before they open their pie holes.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      You win today just for using the word pie hole.

  2. Jimbo in OPKS says:

    Perhaps you have heard that oil prices are lowest since 2002. AG prices are low as well. That explains much of the decline in jobs, prices, and hence tax revenues. To argue otherwise would be to say, “if only income tax rates were higher, we would have more employment!” Is that your argument?

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Perhaps you have heard that job growth is up in the US and things look strong in the US in almost all states except for KS. KS is growing slower than any other state. Why? I think his name starts with a B.

  3. Jimbo in OPKS says:

    I didn’t graduate first in my Masters in Economics class, but if the name of the Governor mattered in economic growth, I’m sure I would have remembered. Are you still arguing that if taxes were higher, then economic growth would have been greater?

  4. Christine Lagarde says:

    Ladies and gentlemen….and other creatures present…..once beyond the price of shoes and mojitos, Aimee Patton knows SQUAT about economics!!

    I know Senator Wagle…Senator Wagle is a friend of mine….and you Aimee Patton are no Susan Wagle. Take that, you History major!!

    Allow me to present to you the opening summary from the October 2015 International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook:

    “Six years after the world economy emerged from its broadest and deepest postwar recession, a return to robust and synchronized global expansion remains elusive. The revised forecasts in this latest World Economic Outlook report underscore the challenges all countries face. Despite considerable differences in country-specific outlooks, the new forecasts mark down expected near-term growth rates marginally, but nearly across the board. Moreover, downside risks to the world economy appear more pronounced than they did just a few months ago.”
    Knock yourself out with the full 231-page report here:

    Ms. Patton, as one of your rare astute readers highlighted in previous comments, using oil as a commodity benchmark (the world economy runs on oil), you should know that after trading in a range near $100/barrel for several years, light sweet crude oil (the good stuff) began a precipitous drop in July 2014 which has now brought it down to approximately $30/barrel. Holy Hydrocarbons Aimee!! Perhaps you’ve noticed that gasoline prices, in turn, have finally returned to where they sat when President Obama first took office? Don’t worry that pretty little head, I’m sure he’ll try to take credit for it in tonight’s State of our disUnion address.

    I can’t help but notice that you feature Kansas wheat on your blog home page. Nice touch, but……since Kansas is an agricultural state, again if we look at something called CRBQ (CRB Global Commodity Equity Index) we see the price has been halved over the last approximately 4 1/2 years. OUCH!! That “chaffs” my buns! Get it? Wheat chaff!!

    Ok, let’s not get too corny! We’ll stick a few more kernels of wisdom in the cornucopia which is REALITY. So, Aimee believes the economy is firing along on all cylinders does she? A shallows-dweller might believe the headline hype about vehicle sales at “all-time highs” without reading the fine print disclosing that this was only accomplished by severely loosening the financing guidelines for subprime borrowers, while vehicle manufacturers have “channel-stuffed” record inventory through to dealers. This problem is now so massive that bad vehicle loans and bad student loans are resembling the situation just before the mortgage meltdown of a few years back. This might be good time to learn the art of vehicle repossessions for those seeking alternative employment opportunities.

    Hey, I don’t really want to leave you on a downer (like forgetting the yeast in your bread recipe) but…..the only reason why EVERYONE doesn’t realize what’s been happening these last many years, is because the Federal Reserve and this Administration (Bush also) have been taking extraordinary measures never before seen in our nation’s history. Sorry Aimee, but they’ve been lying to you.

    If life gives you LEMONS, return them, ask for LIMES….and make a mojito!! Cheers

    Once again, we thank Ms. Patton for being a good sport. We don’t dislike her, we just don’t understand how a recently turned 30-year old could espouse such liberal political nonsense. 🙂

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Hi Christine! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I loved your reply – especially the part about mojitos. Who doesn’t love a good mojito? One thing is for sure – I respect friends who stand up for each other. I think of Nicole and Paris, JWow and Snooki and now I have you and Senator Wagle in the same category of legendary friendships. I could offer you a lengthy rebuttal to your post and point out all of the flaws to Brownback’s tax cuts, but instead I will raise my next glass and toast to you. Cheers!

  5. Fresh-Squeezed Juicyfruit says:

    Infowars reader detected.

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