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The Kansas legislature is barely back in session for 2016 and before their seats can even get nice and toasty warm that can only mean one thing –

Another gun bill!

The NRA must be giving some sort of trophy for the most gun bills by a state, because Kansas can’t crank them out fast enough.

My favorite part of these gun bills are the titles. Ladies and gentlemen I give you (drum roll please) HB 2440 a.k.a. The Personal and family protection act; regulating concealed carry in portions of public buildings or as I like to call it the Guns, Guns and More Guns everywhere in Kansas bill.

To summarize the bill – anyone can conceal and carry a gun in any public area in Kansas and if the public area says no guns allowed, they have to provide the following security measures:

1. Metal detectors
2. Armed guards
3. Attack dogs
4. Flamethrowers
5. A moat with alligators around the perimeter of the building
6. A hive of killer bees

Basically it’s not financially possible for a public building to provide the type of security that this bill asks for so everyone in Kansas will be packing heat and that’s the point.

But why? Is it just about guns? Why another gun bill when the state is facing an epic financial crisis?

That NRA trophy must be pretty darn amazing.

Then I suddenly remembered this headline from last week: Kansas Budget Problems Prevent KBI From Investigating Some Felonies


Kansas is so broke….

How broke are we Aimee?

We are so broke that we are short highway patrol officers and KBI agents. There aren’t enough agents to investigate felonies in our state.

Many felonies in Kansas, says Thompson, are going uninvestigated: “Of the 500 and some cases we took on last year, we declined well in excess of 100 case requests.”

Kansas keeps passing all of these gun bills that are titled “protection” bills – protection should be the thing we look to our police officers for. Since Kansas is so broke we can’t afford police officers and agents, I’m guessing the next bill will be having civilians investigate their own crimes. It would just make sense since our lawmakers are unwilling to do anything to solve our budget problems and instead want to waste time in Topeka rolling out the next NRA-friendly bill. Might as well make it worth everyone’s while and at least give the KBI and the highway patrol some assistance they desperately need.

You can title it – the Kansas untrained civilians solving crime because we’re too broke to do it right by the victims bill.


6 thoughts on “Another day, another gun bill by the #ksleg – HB 2440

  1. If only the state worked this hard to ensure the freedom of speech and voting rights.

  2. Wynne Chester says:

    AIM-ee, how can you not like something called “The Personal and Family Protection Act”? You don’t like “persons” and “families” taking steps to protect themselves if they so choose?

    You incorrectly stated the following–“To summarize the bill – anyone can conceal and carry a gun in any public area in Kansas”–it’s factually INACCURATE, but then again, that never stopped you in the past.

    Furthermore, when you write that –“protection should be the thing we look to our police officers for”–you are overlooking the OBVIOUS!! In the vast majority of cases involving violence, police officers RESPOND to the scene AFTER the violence has been committed. Let’s see: road rage, armed robbery, murder, rape, drunks with guns, domestic violence, kidnapping…..I think that’s enough to make the point. If you’re unfortunate enough to be victimized by any of the listed offenses, the police are going to respond after the fact. As in, after you’ve been shot at, robbed, killed, raped, terrorized, beaten up, and/or abducted…..oh well!! Live and learn.

    It seems to me that just because you’re apparently afraid of guns, don’t wish to exercise your right to have one, and won’t act in a proactive manner to protect yourself… want to take away the right for all other Kansans to exercise their right to do so. Perhaps an analogy is in order? If you choose not to exercise your right to vote, or drive a vehicle, after meeting the legal requirements, well that’s up to you….just don’t insist that all other state residents must follow your lead and neither vote, nor drive a vehicle. Ok?

    Please review the local case at “She’s A Pistol.” I’m sure you read about it, and others from outside the metro can Google it.

    AIM-ee…. SET…. FIRE!!!!!!!

    1. Byron Funkhouser says:

      If you don’t have a gun, then I don’t need to have a gun to protect myself.

  3. Condi says:

    Brownbackistan seems intent on returning to the mid-to-late 1800s; arm the citizenry, then appoint half a dozen territorial marshals to make the rounds and hang the odd scoundrel. Because that worked so well in Dodge, Coffeyville, Wichita and…

    Why your state attracts and elects morons is one of lie’s imponderables.

    Indeed, one might say Brownbackistan is a negative zen koan: what is the sound of one gun roaring?

  4. Jimbo in OPKS says:

    1. The police have no duty to protect you. It’s not their job.
    2. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.
    3. I’m not a big fan of open carry. I’m a big proponent of shall issue CCL, though. I want the bad guys to have a sudden and unpleasant introduction to Mr. Glock.

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