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Dear KS lawmakers,

I’ve got to hand it to you – you are about as sneaky as they come these days. I stopped paying attention for two minutes to catch up on some reality TV gossip news and this headline passed by my Twitter feed.

Anti-Common Core measure could do away with AP, IB programs in Kansas

These days if it’s a day of the week ending in “y” I can pretty much bet you are working on some measure to dismantle our public schools and I wasn’t disappointed with HB2676.

‘Before advancing the bill, the committee took its contents and stuffed them into Substitute House Bill 2292. The procedural move, known as a “gut and go,” speeds up the legislative process.

The measure – similar to one proposed last year – calls for AP, IB and similar courses and tests to be aligned with new, non-Common Core Kansas standards. Educators say that directive would be difficult, if not impossible, because such courses are modeled on national or international frameworks.

According to the bill’s fiscal note, it would prohibit anything related to Common Core in Kansas classrooms and would require new standards for math and language arts and new assessments.”

Read more here:

It’s funny that a legislative process and my drive-thru trips to Krispy Kreme are called the same thing – a gut and go.


The bill passed right out of the Education Committee.

No hearing.

But there was one guy who was able to speak – Duke Pesta.

That’s a million dollar name.  And I happened to get a video of his testimony.


I found that Pesta is an Academic Director of an online school.

Pesta moonlights as academic director for FreedomProject Education, an online school registered in Wisconsin.The curriculum for home-schooled students is “rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian values” and offers “a complete classical education for students from kindergarten through high school, free from public school spin and Common Core indoctrination,” according to its website. In that capacity, he is affiliated with the American Opinion Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the John Birch Society.

I’m also hearing it would cost about $9 million dollars to come up with new curriculum. New Flash! In case you haven’t heard – Kansas is broke right now. The one thing we shouldn’t be doing is introducing ideas that cost money.

Give it a rest. I challenge you to focus on constitutionally funding the current curriculum we have instead of making sneaky moves likes this.

I’m suddenly in the mood for my type of gut and go to Krispy Kreme. Donuts are the only type of gut and go’s Kansas voters should tolerate.

Yours for yummy donuts,


3 thoughts on “KS Lawmakers Attempt to Gut Common Core

  1. Nellie Christine Crenshaw says:

    Oh aimee, between you and John Marshall the pathetic, frightening right wingers are given the verbal blast they so deserve.

    1. Jellie Bellie says:

      Regarding your comment:

      According to your syntax, you are referring to Aimee and John Marshall as “pathetic” when you wrote “Oh aimee, between you and John Marshall the pathetic,”

      That is funny!

      It’s also quite amusing that a “left-winger” harping against a “right-winger” could be considered just or superior in any way to the opposite condition with roles reversed.

      Aimee sounds to Republicans, like Donald Trump sounds to liberal Democrats. So, depending on who you ask, they both might be called pompous bombastic Know-nothings.

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