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Dear Sen. Masterson,


Hard day Ty?


You poor thing.  I had to write when I heard that things got out of hand when you attempted to move control over school finances away from the Board of Education and to the Department of Administration.  You said you were doing it for the sake of transparency.  Ultimately it would have moved control of the finances from an elected board to an appointed board.  The control would have been placed ultimately under Governor Brownback.


To think that people would lose their minds over moving their children’s education money into the hands of Governor Brownback who has given Kansans such wonderful gifts as a budget deficit almost the size of this black hole.

black hole


His approval rating is also sitting just slightly higher than Michigan Governor Rick Snyder dealing with the Flint Water Crisis, the ants who have invaded my kitchen and the Time Warner customer service rep who can’t get my cable box to reset.

But….it makes total sense to move financial control of education over to the Department of Administration.

And then, out of the clear blue, people lost their freaking minds.  Who could have seen that coming?

In dramatic fashion, you cancelled the hearing over the bill with a room full of people.

“With that, due to this misinformation and falsehood, I found this debate to be escalated to the point of irrational emotion, and I see no point in wasting the time of both the conferees or the committee,” Masterson said.


In response to the bill, you received numerous email that had a “vile” tone.  I mean where do people get off sending you nasty emails when it comes to how the state manages their children’s public education funding?  You and your lawmakers have done such a stellar job in that department.  (See KS Supreme Court Ruling on Education Funding)

Then, in something that should win you an Oscar for best dramatic performance by a lead actor, you ended with this…

“I do understand we’re in an election year and that there are certain interest groups that find political gain in propagating falsehoods,” Masterson told a packed hearing room. “But it is completely unproductive to the process.” Then you dropped the bill and some would say the mic.

Some people’s “falsehoods” are other people’s facts.  I’m sorry I missed your hair-flip and skirt twirl as you exited the room.  Next time before you introduce something like this just stop and think for a second.  I mean really…what did you think was going to happen?


Oh the drama!



15 thoughts on “Sen. Ty Masterson’s Dramatic Day #ksleg

  1. Now now … Ty might have a plan! His plan might be to drive smart people from the state so the GOP keeps its majorities and the governor’s mansion. Solid reasoning – a brain drain! Just ask Texas what the guns-in-college-classrooms law did.

    1. Debi Kay says:

      well count me in, I am actively trying to move out of state, and the current Government and its ring leaders… opps my bad elected officials are a large part of my reasoning, why live and pay taxes where reason and future generations are ignored?

  2. Nellie C Crenshaw says:

    You are terrific when it comes to eviserating the sorry spectacle of Brownback and his soulmates.

  3. Smarting from his smackdown after trying to seize education money in Andover where folks move because of the schools, Ty Masterson freshens up and panders to 3 farmers with bill to make Kansas refuse Daylight Savings Time. What a goofball.

    States around us will be on one time and Kansas will be on East Coast time. Does this bozo know how many people commute from Kansas to Missouri to work and visa versa?

    Every day these people disappointment me more. Throw some bums out, Kansas! August 3 primary and November 8 election. Get registered with a party now.

    1. Get registered with the Republican Party and vote these guys out in the primary – get all the Bernie voters you can find and run a primary campaign against them. It’s a lot cheaper that way… and it takes a lot less people. Keep it as quiet as possible, find out how many votes the person got in the last primary, and try to double that – before you file…

  4. christi4000 says:

    Oh snap! You said it well, Aimee.

  5. Linda Ralston says:

    I want everyone to know that I had Ty in my English class at Augusta High School. He lives in Andover and has 7 children who (at least the last that I knew) are homeschooled, so I have emailed him In the past and said why should I pay any attention to what you say on education when you don’t even send your kids to public school! I have emailed him numerous times in the past and NEVER gotten a reply. I know him and also his brothers, some of whom I had in high school as well. We obviously are far apart on our political views.

    1. Not Linda Ralston says:

      Hi Linda,
      Your comments concerning the Masterson children being homeschooled, and thus Sen. Masterson not having a legitimate opinion on public education

      is analogous to

      Aimee Patton being a resident of Johnson County, a Republican stronghold, and thus not having a legitimate opinion on politics.

      You may retract your statement at your earliest convenience. Thanks

      1. Linda Ralston says:

        Since I am speaking the truth I will not retract my comments.

      2. Linda Ralston says:

        Who are you? Do you not have enough courage to leave something besides “not Linda Ralston”?

  6. Marti Johnson says:

    Nailed it! God Bless you…

  7. david says:

    because ty home schools his children, how much money will the education bill put in ty mastersons pocket and take away from the school district he lives

  8. Frank says:

    I needed to thank yoս ffor this veery good read!!
    I absolսtely enjoyed every bit of it. I’ѵe got you boօkmarked to look at new things you

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    1. Linda Ralston says:

      Think I might have told you once before that I had Ty in my English class at Augusta High School. He was actually a nice guy, but what happened??

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