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Kansas Senator Forrest Knox posted his little gem on his Facebook page last night linking gender identity issues and child abuse. His source looks like it is based in medical fact, but in reality is a group that has their own political agenda.


From the group’s website:

Vision of the College

The American College of Pediatricians promotes a society where all children, from the moment of their conception, are valued unselfishly. We encourage mothers, fathers and families to advance the needs of their children above their own. We expect societal forces to support the two-parent, father-mother family unit and provide for children role models of ethical character and responsible behavior.


Societal forces?  Sounds like something that belongs on the Starship Enterprise. It’s scary when our lawmakers are buying into this type of “medical expertise” as a guide in drafting KS legislation.images


Dear Senate Committee on Ways and Means,

I had to write to you to thank you for inspiring an idea for my new weekly show – This week in Kansas discrimination bills.  This week we are going to feature SB 513, Creating the Student Privacy Act or as I like to call it Shaming KS Transgender Kids.

Now I realize this bill was sent back to the Committee on Education where I hope it will die a slow and painful death, but how about if we not let it go without hitting the highlights.

Lets start with the opener….

(a) Children and young adults have natural and normal concerns about physical privacy when they are in various states of undress, and most wish for members of the opposite sex not to be present in those circumstances.

So weird, when I read this opener, my computer started playing the Leave it to Beaver theme song.  Follow me here…transgender kids don’t consider themselves the opposite sex.

That took me to the part of the bill where you define gender and it all became very clear.

(a) ”Sex” means the physical condition of being male or female, which is determined by a person’s chromosomes, and is identified at birth by a person’s anatomy.

Oy vey….Can someone please send everyone on this committee a copy of the Broadway musical Rent ASAP?

Here is my favorite part and I put in bold my favorite words.

Sec. 3. The purposes of this act are: (a) To further the state’s interest in protecting all students in public schools and postsecondary educational institutions in this state; (b) to provide for the privacy needs of all students in public schools and postsecondary educational institutions in this state; and (c) to maintain order and dignity in restrooms, locker rooms, showers and other facilities where students may be in various states of undress in the presence of other students.

(f) Allowing students to use restrooms, locker rooms and showers that are reserved for students of a different sex will create potential embarrassment, shame and psychological injury to students.

Granted, it’s been a LOOOONG time since I was in high school, but if memory serves a girls locker room was all about order and dignity (wink, wink).  There weren’t any issues with teasing, girls bashing other girls for  small boobs, butts that were too big or bodies that weren’t perfect.  I’ll  just leave this clip from Mean Girls riiiigggghhhhttt here.


I love how you think the psychological injury is going to come from a trans student.  Honey, the psychological injury comes from girls just being girls.

Nobody can encounter anyone of the opposite sex in restrooms, locker rooms or showers as defined by this bill or damages can be awarded.

(e) Students aggrieved under this section may obtain appropriate relief, which shall include: (1) Statutory damages in an amount of $2,500 for each instance in which the aggrieved student encountered a person of the opposite sex while accessing a public school or postsecondary educational institution student restroom, locker room or shower room designated for use by the aggrieved student’s sex; (2) monetary damages for all psychological, emotional and physical harm suffered as a result of a violation of this section; (3) reasonable attorney fees and costs; and (4) such other relief as the court deems appropriate

Appropriate relief? Interesting wording. Sounds like you are marketing a genital rash cream.  Why $2,500?  Why not $500 or $10,000?  I am curious to know where this figure came from.  My thought is out of a very sophisticated calculation known as thin air.

Bills like this have no place in Kansas.  They isolate some of our most vulnerable.  Transgender teens have a high suicide rate and having our legislature put out bills like this just sends a message that Kansas doesn’t accept some of our youth which should never be the case.

If you are that concerned about our youth’s dignity and order – fund our schools. Better yet fund our school counselors.  Make sure that every school has a trained school counselor.  Provide funding for training to teachers, counselors and administrators in LGBT issues which will allow them to handle these issues in ways that are right for all students involved.  Then you will really be making a difference in a positive way.

Now I’ve got to run. I suddenly have the urge to watch Rent!

Yours for making all Kansans feel valued,




One thought on “This week in KS discrimination – KS SB513

  1. Sandy Berg says:

    OMG! That legislator also needs a lesson in Endocrinology. Chromosomes (XX – usually meaning female) and (XY- usually meaning male) don’t tell the whole story. One can be genetically male (XY) but have an androgen insensitivity. That person will look like a female…have breasts and feel like a female but have no uterus. What restroom would that idiot put “her” in? That’s only one example of pathetically flawed logic. Kansas legislators need to focus on the budget!

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