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Dear Kansas Supreme Court,

Well, one phrase sums up today’s activity in the Kansas Senate – paybacks are a bitch.

In the ping-pong game of legislative vs. judicial branch, today was the Senate’s turn.  You had to know this was coming after you sent them a stinging ruling saying their funding of Kansas schools was at an unconstitutionally low level.

You could almost feel their childlike excitement as the Senate expanded all the ways they could impeach you with SB 439.

SB 439 would expand the grounds for impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice and establish grounds upon which a district court judge could be disciplined, suspended, and removed for cause to include the following:

1. Commission of treason;

2. Commission of bribery;

3. Commission of other indictable criminal offenses;

4. Commission of a breach of the public trust;

5. Commission of a breach of judicial ethics;

6. Failure to perform adequately the duties of office;

7. Attempting to subvert fundamental laws and introduce arbitrary power;

8. Attempting to usurp the power of the Legislative or Executive Branch of government;

9. Exhibiting discourteous conduct toward litigants, jurors, witnesses, lawyers or others with whom the justice or judge deals in an official capacity;

10. Exhibiting wanton or reckless judicial conduct;

11. Exhibiting personal misbehavior or misconduct;  

12. Failure to properly supervise, administer, or discipline judicial personnel; and

13. Other actions, which in accordance with Section 28 of Article 2 of the Kansas Constitution may constitute grounds for impeachment, or which in accordance with Section 15 or Article 3 of the Kansas Constitution, may constitute grounds for discipline, suspension, or removal for cause.

Kuddos to the Senate for their insane vagueness on #9 and #11.   I believe I’m exhibiting personal misbehavior just writing this blog.  Discourteous conduct?  Glad I’m not a Supreme Court justice.  My heavy sighs and exaggerated eye rolls would have me thrown off before you could say Judge Judy.

The only thing I can say is expand your impeachable offenses all they want, they have yet to constitutionally fund our schools.  Ball is in your court KS Senate.


Yours for discourteous conduct in the form of eye rolls,




7 thoughts on “KS Senate Expands Impeachable offenses for Supreme Court #ksleg

  1. Jack Mayer says:

    Great job as always….maybe such a law should apply to all branches of government!?!

    best, Jack


  2. Tom Mulligan says:

    We are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Keep the spotlight on em Aimee!

  3. Condi says:

    We have already begun driving up to Lincoln, NE, and then jumping on to 80 to get to Colorado: It’s just a matter of time before Brownbackistan devolves into a collection of fiefdoms (ruled by erstwhile state legislators), each of whom will barricade their portion of 70 in order to extort money from travelers, monies their state taxes used to bring in.

    Sooner rather than later it will get so bad the highwaymen will accept fresh fruit, canned goods and glossy post cards of livable places ( New York, San Francisco, et alia) to let one pass. Eventually, circumstances will become so dire the state’s citizens will plead with traveler’s to take their offspring with them, that they might grow up and live a normal life.

    Do you want the somber fate of some poor Brownbackistani child on your conscious? No, not really – if you need to do something, donate to whatever foundation is set up in relief. You’ll know it’s for starving Brownbackistani children ’cause it will be fronted by roly-poly Sally Struthers: “Just pennies a day!”

    Take 80 through Nebraska, folks. It’s only a little out of your way. And, hey – it’s far more scenic!

  4. slappy mchorseface says:

    #9 is just a rewriting of the Kansas Rules of Judicial Misconduct involving civility.

  5. Here Come Da' Judge says:


    Hereby be advised that AIMEE PATTON of PLEASANTLYECCENTRIC.COM (Blog-land, Internet domain) is ordered to appear on APRIL 1, 2016 in the court of one JUDITH SHEINDLIN, dysfunctional family court judge, in the case of : KANSAS STATE LEGISLATURE VS. AIMEE PATTON

    DEFENDANT PATTON is charged with:

    1) Blogging with intent to incite Liberal mobocracy.

    2) Excessive Eye Rolling (Ocular Satire)

    3) Potty Mouth

    4) Perpetual Snarky Attitude

    5) Eccentricity (WEIRD)

    6) Hypocrisy, as in, Political Liberal Living In Suburban Johnson County

    7) Misspelling, as in, “Kuddos” to Ms. Patton

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      And if I only spelled one thing wrong in this blog post-then I consider that posting success!

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