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Somebody call MTV – Kansas lawmakers are on Spring Break 2016!  I don’t know where our Kansas lawmakers are headed for a little vacay, but one thing comes to mind when I think of Spring Break – sun, sand and a great music playlist.

That’s why I put together a spring break playlist that sums up the recent Kansas session.


Aersmith’s Janie’s Got A Gun.

In Kansas – Janie has a gun and soon so will Bobby and Susie.  If lawmakers have their way, all Kansas kids will have guns.  Whether it be guns on college campuses in 2017 or BB gun and air rifle clubs in our schools, our Kansas lawmakers never met a gun bill they won’t pass.

We get it, you are in bed with the NRA.  God forbid, we see the rise in gun accidents as these bills go into effect.  Time will tell.


Next we will focus on jobs or in Brownback’s case – the lack of job growth in Kansas.  For that we turn to Britney Spears to get right to the point with a snappy tune – Work Bitch.

From Yael Abouhalkah at the Star –

Brownback proclaimed in August 2014 when he was running for re-election that, “My goal for the next four years is 25,000 new jobs per year. That’s 100,000 new jobs for the hardworking people of Kansas.”

At that point, Kansas employment was 1,394,300.

But on Friday, state officials said Kansas had 1,395,900 jobs in February 2016.

That’s a gain of a puny 1,600 jobs in the 18 months since Brownback made his pledge.

Read more here


Brownback just announced Amazon is coming to Kansas with 1,000 new jobs.  I’m all for celebrating success. That’s only 22,400 more to go this year.   Baby steps people…baby steps.




Once upon a time, Kansas public schools were well-funded and teachers felt secure and appreciated.  Say good-bye to those days.  Now teachers unions are under fire, school funding is up in the air and our courts have threatened to shut down our schools if the funding situation isn’t figured out in time.  Lawmakers passed a school funding bill before they left for spring break, but we will see if it meets our constitutional funding standards that the Kansas courts are looking for.


I think Wrecking Ball is the only way to describe what lawmakers did to our Kansas public schools and the morale of our teachers.


LGBT Issues

Let’s end this playlist with the Student Physical Privacy Act bill that still has me shaking my head (and not in a good way).  This bill focuses on targeting transgender youth in Kansas schools.

The “Student Physical Privacy Act” would mandate that students only use bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms designated for their birth sexes, in all public schools and universities. A separate clause also allows students to sue their schools for $2,500 if the law isn’t fully enforced.

Who exactly is going to be the gender police?

I think Lady Gaga is a perfect way to end this playlist and what I think of this terrible bill.  Remember, there are many in Kansas who don’t believe like these lawmakers.


5 thoughts on “Aimee’s Spring Break playlist sums up KS session

  1. Tracy Thomas says:

    Aimee, in a future column you might also mention that what sounds all perfect, an Amazon fulfillment center in Edgerton, really means that anything we buy that is shipped from that building is suddenly taxable. Big screen TV’s, books, whatever. And there’s no way to tell, in advance, until you click buy, and then if it adds tax, that means it’s coming from our locally taxed Edgerton Amazon warehouse.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Aimee thinks haveing a pervert in the same restroom as her daughter is a real good thing. That right there tells you just how screwed up in the head this woman is. No doubt she would be a gun hater just to round off her slanted “meme” view of things.

    By the way, Aimee have you ever gone out and looked at the schools in Blue Valley? Those are not schools; those are daycare country clubs compared to the schools I attended. Maybe a little less money is needed for schools districts, make sure the money is used wisely on teachers and classroom activities over elegant exercise rooms, big screen televisions along with extremely overbuilt showcase architectural schools.

    1. Tracy Thomas says:

      Well, Super Dave, let’s not throw all of Aimee’s eggs into one Easter Basket this Holy Week. But glad you are hip to words like “meme”. About the bathrooms…there is a difference between perversion and sex assignment. Perversion is a psychological condition, where someone violates what they KNOW is right, eg the social contract, their view of morality–it is acting out and hoping not to be caught. And that is ruled a crime in Kansas.
      Whereas a child who was born with all or often just SOME external parts, but who has always, always felt that this is not who they are, that can be true. Their hormones, their internal wiring, might not be a match to an exterior part. Like buying a cellphone that has a Sprint logo on the outside, but the guts and the wiring are really T-Mobile. And when someone, especially a child, discovers they have been stood in the wrong lane, and they go to their medical doctor and their psychologist and their parents, to beg for help to get moved to the proper lane, –well that takes courage. And it is NOT a crime.

      You are not a doctor nor a psychologist, Super Dave. I would ask you think about how painful it would be, for a child, to speak up and get help. That child does not need to be shamed by you, Dave, or the Kansas legislators who are just so desperate for any campaign issues so they don’t have to defend Sam Brownback.

      And I can assure you, a child who is embarrassed about their sexuality is going to go into a stall. They are not out there, waving their wand at the urinal, showing off. And they are certainly not out there recruiting! (Which doesn’t work, by the way. But that’s another column.) Transgendered kids are not wanting to bring unwanted attention upon themselves. Let’s leave them alone. They may be somewhere along the process of sex reassignment surgery (like a friend of mine’s daughter who became her son.) It’s not up to the rest of us to peek in their underpants, and legislate where they relieve themselves.

      Trans people are not gays. Gays like themselves and want to be with others like them. Trans want to move to another lane so they can BE themselves.

  3. Liv Tyler says:

    Oh Dear Me!! That snarky Sunflower blogger, Aimee Patton, has just been set free on Spring Break and she’s already run afoul of Kansas’ minimum academic standards!

    “Aersmith”? Excuse me, but I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing…..including all the “o’s” in a band’s name.

    Jobs? Apparently, Aimee Patton relies upon politically-liberal urban Missouri writers who love to bash Kansas for all her economic news. If she’d take a close look at her own blog’s home web page she’d discover a clue to the real truth.
    “Kansas ranked second in the nation for economic growth in the third quarter of 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the quarter, the state grew at an annual rate of 6.5 percent compared to the second quarter. The size of the state economy was $149 billion, on an annual basis. More than 80 percent of the growth came from the agriculture sector. South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa, which ranked first, third and fourth in the nation for GDP growth, saw similarly strong results from agriculture. Of the other sectors in Kansas, retail trade and construction were the strongest.”

    Aimee has an appreciation for the absurd, as evidenced by her reference to the work of the Kansas City Star’s Yael Abouhalkah!!!! Yes folks, the very same Kansas City Star (owned by McClatchy) whose parent company recently received yet another notice of stock delisting from the NYSE, has a Debt-to-Equity ratio of (-4.70) and whose stock price trades at less than the price of a single copy newspaper!! The Star just lost two members of their ultra-liberal Editorial Board (Hallelujah!), laid off more staff, and continues to eliminate sections of the paper. They are a colossal failure! So, here’s an appropriate song dedication for Aimee and the KC Star…..CRYIN’

    Aimee, you and your cohorts are major fearmongers! Are there serious challenges to funding public education in Kansas or the other 49 states? Sure! It’s like healthcare, everyone generally wants the best service, while complaining about the price they pay….in between their cigarette break, lack of exercise, and poor diet. You wrote: “Lawmakers passed a school funding bill before they left for spring break, but we will see if it meets our constitutional funding standards that the Kansas courts are looking for.” Kansans and their representatives will do What It Takes to provide a quality education for the state’s residents.

    LGBT Issues?
    Now this is the type of marginal issue that the bi-coastal political Liberals love to blow out of proportions. While intelligent Midwestern folks exhibit tolerance for those that are different from the majority, we don’t appreciate the political theater which left-wing Democratic Party operatives attempt to force-feed onto the general population. According to the National Health Interview Study (NHIS), data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau as reported in July 2014, 1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent identify as bisexual. Not exactly a large group of Americans, Aimee! Let’s contrast that number, to say the percentage of Americans who are obese, defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30+. From the Centers For Disease Control: Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 35.1% (2011-2012). If anyone is going to get special bathroom privileges, maybe you could start with all the fat people first, seeing as how they outnumber the LGBT crowd by a factor of 15-to-1. Let’s see, I’m thinking of structurally reinforced stools and sinks, extra-wide stalls, wheelchair lifts, personal hygiene attendants, etc. Oops, there goes those school budgets again!!

    So Aimee, please put down the rainbow flag, the empty-calorie alcohol drinks, the premium ice cream, and yes….even those damn fine Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!
    You know there’s only one fitting song for this issue…Dude Looks Like A Lady!!!!!!!!!

    Aimee, here’s hoping you get some sun, and watch those tan lines on the behind! Cheers

  4. Al says:

    Aimee, your employment numbers are different than the US Dept. of Labor BLS data. Kansas employment at Jan 2011 when Brownback took office was 1,393K. In August 2014 employment was 1,430K an increase of 37K. In Feb 2016 employment was 1,453K an additional increase of 22K. All told employment increased 59K since Brownback became governor. Looking at the employment data before Brownback became governor Jan 2006 employment was 1,394K. and had decreased to 1,393K over the 6 years before Brownback.

    My first time on your website.

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