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Dear Kansas Democrats,


Here was the headline that jumped out on my twitter feed,

Spat between Democrats sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you

You had me at spat.  Of course I’m going to click on it.  Goooo ooooonnnnnnn….

— An open rift among Kansas Senate Democrats was exposed recently after a vote on a school funding equity bill that is now being reviewed by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Lawrence Democrat Marci Francisco voted “pass” on the bill, igniting anger from Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, of Topeka.

“Marci: I’m done with you,” Hensley wrote to Francisco in a text message obtained by the Journal-World. “You vote to undermine my leadership all the time. To vote ‘pass’ on a bill that is clearly unconstitutional is a travesty to the education community.”

The message was sent to Francisco and two other individuals. It has since been forwarded and copied to a number of others, and was later obtained by the Journal-World. Both Francisco and Hensley confirmed the content of the text message.”

This article was barely hot off the press and the KS GOP was capitalizing on it – and who can blame them?

Democrats are done, even with each other 

What in the fresh hell Democrats?

It’s like you can’t get out of your own way.  You’ve got a Governor who is about as popular as a STD and Republicans who are to blame for bankrupting our state.  You have people finally standing up who can’t wait to vote these guys out of office. You should be in a position of strength from this and INSTEAD you decide this is a great time to air TEXTGATE 2016.  It’s like losing 15 pounds and rewarding yourself with a giant hot fudge sundae.  Talk about self-sabotage.

Since I care about our state and I don’t want the same people in office during the next election – I’m going to offer you a little texting advice.  Here are Aimee’s top three rules for texting.

  1. Don’t text mad.
  2. Don’t forward texts.
  3. Don’t forward mad texts.

It’s as simple as that.  I get that you have issues.  What party doesn’t, but do your best to ACT like you get along so we can all work together to get this state on a better path come the next election.

Yours for a friendlier texting world,



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