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Dear Governor Brownback and Republican Lawmakers,

Nothing says summertime bummertime like the Kansas Supreme Court handing down the big KS education decision on May 27th right before the kick off of the holiday weekend.

“This case requires us to determine whether the State has met its burden to show that recent legislation brings the State’s K-12 public school funding system into compliance with Article 6 of the Kansas Constitution,” the court wrote in an opinion not attributable to any individual judge. “We hold it has not.”

The ruling allows me to use my favorite hashtag #NotShocked.

Gov. Sam Brownback issued a more terse statement calling the decision “unfortunate” and that “The court is engaging in political brinksmanship with this ruling, and the cost will be borne by our students.”

That darn Supreme Court and their “political brinkmanship”. I’ll just leave this article about six school districts closing early due to lack of funds riiiiggghhht here

Some people call it lack of snow days, others call it a $50 million dollar cut in funding.  Some say tomato….

Lets stay focused on what really matters here  – not our kids and funding their schools but political brinkmanship.  It’s kinda like when a group has an agenda, a radical one, and they go in and carry out that radical agenda with dire consequences to the state.  Where have I heard that before?

For some reason the phrases “tax cuts” and “revenue problems” keep popping up in my mind.   I must be light headed from too much sun time at the pool.

Anyhoo…now you have until June 30th to fix this mess.  I want to be viewed as a team player so I added this handy-dandy countdown clock to my blog.  It is counting down the days until June 30th when a new funding formula must be in place or Kansas schools run the risk of closing.

Naming this clock was a bear.  Some of the ideas I had were:

  • The KS Public Education Catastrophe Countdown
  • The Countdown to KS Public Education Total Annihilation
  • The Countdown to KS Public Education Dumpster Fire
  • The countdown to the end of your political careers


I settled on KS Public Education Implosion.  I can change it – so let me know if you have any ideas.  Always here to help.

Yours for detesting political brinkmanship,




7 thoughts on “The KS Supreme Court rules on education funding – now the countdown begins #KSED

  1. eugenevdebs3 says:

    Great news if this means Brownback and the Legislature don’t own the courts yet!

  2. mikemiller75 says:

    “The Countdown to KS Public Education Dumpster Fire” my favorite

  3. Dennis Cole says:

    And they’ll probably proclaim that their policies “just haven’t been given enough time!”

  4. Ed U. Cayshun says:

    Alas, the streak has ended!!

    The last two Patton postings which I read and commented upon were actually good and acceptable. But, as soon as I read the opening salutation for this latest contribution (Dear Governor Brownback and Republican Lawmakers,) I sensed Ms. Patton had returned to her kneejerk political liberalism. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

    Governor Brownback’s description of the court’s action as “political brinksmanship” is accurate. When Ms. Patton writes—“It’s kinda like when a group has an agenda, a radical one, and they go in and carry out that radical agenda with dire consequences to the state.”—she has unintentionally described the Kansas Supreme Court, though she does admit to being “light-headed” which perhaps helps explain her confusion on this matter. May we suggest an umbrella or floppy hat with sunglasses for Aimee’s pool adventures in the bright sun? Just a thought, because we care!

    § 1: Schools and related institutions and activities. The legislature shall provide for intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement by establishing and maintaining public schools, educational institutions and related activities which may be organized and changed in such manner as may be provided by law.

    § 2: State board of education and state board of regents.
    (a) The legislature shall provide for a state board of education which shall have general supervision of public schools, educational institutions and all the educational interests of the state, except educational functions delegated by law to the state board of regents. The state board of education shall perform such other duties as may be provided by law.

    § 5: Local public schools. Local public schools under the general supervision of the state board of education shall be maintained, developed and operated by locally elected boards. When authorized by law, such boards may make and carry out agreements for cooperative operation and administration of educational programs under the general supervision of the state board of education, but such agreements shall be subject to limitation, change or termination by the legislature.

    § 6: Finance.
    (b) The legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state. No tuition shall be charged for attendance at any public school to pupils required by law to attend such school, except such fees or supplemental charges as may be authorized by law.
    As is the case in most disagreements, it all boils down to a failure to properly communicate. In Section 1 above, it clearly falls to the legislature to “establish and maintain public schools.” Now perhaps this short and sweet summary should trump all else, as the legislature is the duly elected body representing the citizens of Kansas. The often discussed argument over the definition of “suitable provision” as it relates to school finance is simply a red-herring, or logical non sequitur, as the Kansas Constitution clearly and repeatedly assigns the legislature with oversight for the educational interests of the state.

    So, why are Kansans even debating this issue? Clearly, the legislature is in charge, the legislature HAS made suitable provision for financing education in Kansas….end of story. If the citizens of Kansas are unhappy with the legislature’s actions, they are free to elect alternative representation.

    The PROBLEM is the ACTIVIST Kansas Supreme Court who keeps repeatedly butting into this issue, interjecting themselves like a narcissist seeking the spotlight. Imagine you’re watching a video of a parent/child interaction in your ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY class. The parent tells their child—“Before you can eat dinner, I want you to clean your room to my satisfaction.” The child follows through with their routine cleaning procedures only to have the parent report that it doesn’t meet their approval. The second time, the now hungry child goes over everything extra careful only to be told once again that the parent isn’t satisfied with the effort. The now flabbergasted child exclaims—“Just tell me what you want!” The sadistic parent smirks and stands in the doorway saying—“I’ll know it when I see it.” The sadistic parent in this example is of course the Kansas Supreme Court purposely using their position to further a cause of abnormal psychology, a.k.a political liberalism.

      1. Dennis Cole says:

        I agree…he sounds like a Laffer to me.

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