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They are finished.

Kansas lawmakers finished their last day in session.  If your hair doesn’t have enough gray in it and you are longing to end your day with an excruciating tension headache created from nothing, but complete frustration over state government- cue up twitter feed #ksleg and read all about what you missed.

Of course KS is joining the legal challenge against the federal mandate allowing transgender youth to use the bathroom of their choice.  Do you think they would miss an opportunity to confuse the capitol with a church?  No way.  Here’s the winning quote,

“We have to return to Christendom, we have sacred responsibility to preserve it and pass it on to our children.” Sen Fitzgerald

News flash – you have a responsibility to represent all Kansans.  You can return to Christendom in your church.

Moving on.

The school funding crisis was not resolved.  In fact, no one knows when this will be resolved, but the clock is ticking.  Just a friendly reminder lawmakers that the countdown clock is now the same as my age 28 <cough> <cough>.  Based on the reports and tweets, no one can tell when this will be resolved.  Some say special session will be called to resolve this and others think that the government is going to play a risky game of chicken with the Supreme Court to see if they really will close schools.

Brownback issued a strong statement indicating he is up for a game of chicken –

“I will work with the Attorney General and Legislative leadership to respond aggressively and appropriately to any action taken by the Kansas Supreme Court to close our schools,” he said in the statement. “Kansas has great schools and they should remain open. The courts should not be playing politics with our children’s education.”

Playing politics with our children’s education?  That’s funny coming from a guy who played politics with our entire state…

Which leads us to our next bit of Kansas economic happy news from today. #Sarcasm

Kansas missed revenue estimates for May by about $74 million dollars.  Response from the Brownback administration – it’s not our fault.  Oil, agriculture and aviation industries are all down.  There were also too many partly cloudy days, the sunflowers didn’t grow to the right height and the waving wheat didn’t sure smell sweet. (wait that last part is a line from Oklahoma).  My point – excuses, excuses, excuses.

Here’s my favorite part of the story,

Brownback has tasked Shawn Sullivan, the budget director, with conducting “a full, independent review with outside experts to evaluate current procedures related to revenue estimating and budgeting” to determine why the state’s current process “fails to provide accurate estimates.”

Read more here


S2 Pick me!  I’ll be your outside expert!



It doesn’t take a genius to know what’s wrong here.  Close the LLC loophole, revise the failed tax cuts of the Brownback administration and this will stop happening.  If not, I’ll be telling my children,  “I remember roads.  Kansas used to have those.”




5 thoughts on “The last day of the KS legislative session-bathrooms, education and we’re still broke

  1. Yes, Aimee Patton nailed it again.

  2. Hellary says:

    If your hair doesn’t have enough gray in it and you are longing to end your day with an excruciating tension headache created from nothing, but complete frustration over the political Left–

    1) Try not to LAUGH when the closeted homosexual with a self-confessed history of drug abuse, and who continues to smoke as POTUS, falsely claimed on Wednesday in Elkhart Indiana that he’s spent every day in office working to put America back to work!

    Never mind that as of December 2015, Obama’s spent over $70 million taxpayer dollars for personal travel vacations spanning 177 days.

    2) Try not to fall off your chair when pondering how anyone could support the presidential candidacy of an elderly brain-damaged, closeted homosexual, serial rapist enabler, who routinely lies under oath, whose aides describe as “easily confused” and that she doesn’t know how to use a computer, whose daughter was fathered by a man other than her husband, who can’t beat a Socialist contender for the nomination, and who’s the very definition of “corrupt”…..just to mention a short list.

  3. eugenevdebs3 says:

    Good post. 8 more years of Brownback and a GOP legislature would unfortunately put Kansas in the fiscal tank. Time to depose them at the ballot booth.

    On another note, Hellary seems to be a certifiable closeted homophobe.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks! I think a big change is finally coming in the next election. KS can’t take much more!

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