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Dear Mr. Kobach,


We all know you as the caped crusader of voter I.D. laws.   Your exhaustive effort to disenfranchise voters with your restrictive voter I.D. laws have turned up voter fraud cases in the whopping single digits. (applause…applause)

And now the media has the nerve to criticize you for using the state plane!

Kansas official Kris Kobach uses state plane to speak at GOP events

Read more here:


What did they expect? Disenfranchising voters, most of them Democrats, can’t be done in a car!   Duh!

Now taxpayers are going to probably be just a little pissed to know that you are using the “company jet” to attend Republican rallies when I just pulled up the latest revenue numbers from June.  Here is a picture of them.


Hell, what’s another $34 more million in the hole?

At least the media gave you the right to defend your use of the plane,

“Kobach defended his use of the plane by saying that he’s doing it less than former Republican Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, who also flew with family members and logged about 8,700 miles over two years.”

Read more here:


Let me step in here.  What I think you are trying to say here is this-


If Bobby was pulling Susie’s hair and Jimmy came in later and also pulled Susie’s hair, but pulled it less, we shouldn’t punish Jimmy because he did it less.
Makes perfect sense.


The state plane is a King Air 350. I went to the King Air website to check out this plane you have been jet setting around the Land of Oz in.  As the state of Kansas deals with major budget cuts, the voters will be comforted to know that the airplane can handle two sets of clubs and a fancy, round train case.  (You know you are uber-wealthy when you have a round piece of luggage.)


“The Kansas Highway Patrol, which oversees aircraft operations, says it has no specific guidelines and leaves its usage up to each state agency.”

Here’s a nifty idea guys – get some guidelines.

In the meantime, Mr. Kobach, if you want to continue spending your time traveling around speaking at Republican functions, here is a link that I think you will find helpful:

For the sake of the Kansas taxpayer, keep your feet on the ground and out of the skies,




20 thoughts on “Kobach – can I suggest an Uber?

  1. Michael Box says:


    1. Speak Fido says:

      Dear Michael,
      You’re allowed to think outside the “box”, and actually write something!
      Communication via emoticons = gotta be a Democrat

  2. Greg says:

    Yes Kansas’s budget is really hurting and we don’t need our representatives wasting money!! But what about our national debt – and what about the vacations that Mrs Obama is taking her family on!! In the disguise of promoting education for girls!! We need to stop all this waste – Aimee!! Talking of this and ignoring her is a joke !!

  3. LegalEagle says:

    Hello Dear Readers,

    In this episode of Patton’s Pathetically Putrid Pontifications, we find Aimee returning to her secret crush, the KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach, he with the educational degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Yale Law, along with a White House Fellowship, etc. Aimee would join the Republican Party if Kobach smiled and winked at her.

    Apparently, just thinking of Kobach has Aimee all tingling and bit disoriented, as she writes, “We all know you as the cape crusader..” Uh, pardon me, Aimee with the moist panties, but I believe the phrase is the “caped crusader”….as in the fictional Batman character. Can we get the details correct?

    “Disenfranchising voters, most of them Democrats…” Of course, it’s a vast right-wing (or is it white-wing) conspiracy, because Aimee read it in some politically liberal media outlet like the financially and morally bankrupt Kansas City Star.

    I’m so glad that Ms. Patton is paying attention to state officeholders use of state-owned aircraft for their travel. But, come to think of it, when MO Governor Jay Nixon had a similar situation reported several years ago, Ms. Patton spoke nary a word on the issue, because he’s a Democrat and everybody knows that Democrats can do whatever they want with no accountability. Right? Likewise, Aimee was silent on Senator McCaskill’s failure to pay property taxes on her plane, and a long list of like-minded Democrat malfeasance. Or let’s delve into a local organization like Children’s Mercy Hospital who just splurged on a new jet for their executive team of multi-millionaire administrators.

    As for your Bobby-Susie-Jimmy scenario, reminds me of the real-life example whereby 2008 candidate Obama claimed he was always against the war in Iraq, prisoner torture, the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the failure to rebuild America’s infrastructure, to hold Wall Street accountable for the 2008-2009 crash, etc. Yet, now that he’s closing out his 2nd term, and has massively failed to remedy these problems, he still resorts to blaming Bush, or Congressional Republicans, or anyone but himself! Once again, Aimee is silent on this Democrat-led debacle.

    Ms. Patton, just a thought, but if you want to continue spending your time blogging on political matters, for the sake of all intelligent readers…..keep your head on your shoulders, and out of your black hole.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I just wanted you to know that I didn’t bother to read that.

      If I wanted to read your Republican blog, I would have done so.

      Thanks for proving that bullying is free speech.

    2. John Steward says:

      The ad hominem attack, based on his fantasies about the status of her panties, is pathetic. It has no place in any discussion, unless the discussion is a pro forma attack on the writer.

      I can sum up his reply in many fewer words: She’s a girl, and girls are icky, dumb and only good for one thing (wink, wink).

      Come to think of it, isn’t that the whole point of the opposition to HRC? I see so many people referring to her looks and her wardrobe, instead of her positions. Hmm…

      1. HornyOnTheHomefront says:

        Dear John,
        I’ve met someone else while you’ve been gone. It’s over between us! Try not to get killed in combat.

        As Aimee Patton is the Queen of the Ad Hominem attack, it’s amusing that “John Steward” would let her slide, while falsely calling someone else for the infraction.

        The “moist panties” comment was a subtle joke referencing a prior Patton posting in which she wrote of rear-ending another car in the rain, while rushing to hear Kris Kobach speak. She rather gushed about what an impressive man Kobach was, in her blog review of the meeting. If my memory is incorrect, or if Aimee Patton didn’t get the joke, then I’ll retract the comment if she took offense.

        Uh, gee John, you’re the first here to mention HRC, and reference her looks and wardrobe. That sounds to be downright misogynistic if you ask me.

      2. Aimee Patton says:

        Thanks Horny on the Homefront-that was Obama. I’ve never seem Kobach speak. I love a good joke but the moist panties comment was lost on me.

    3. sam zeff says:

      Of course, when Aimee writes something she signs her name to it. I make no judgement on whether she’s right or wrong or whether your comment is mature or immature. But please have the backbone to sign you work and not hide behind a silly name such as LegalEagle at, pardon me, 3:37 am. Anonymous internet comments. Jesus.
      sam zeff

      1. ZManBBQ says:

        Dear Sam,
        I can spot a local journalist anywhere! What gave you away? “..please have the backbone to sign you work” Yup! That’s some quality writing you generated there, Sam.

        And what exactly is silly about the moniker “LegalEagle”? Was the subject being discussed not attorney Kris Kobach and his air travel? Sam, Sam, Sam, you disappoint me again. A lot of these pieces fit together and make sense if you’d only use your brain Sam. Sam, you do have a brain don’t you?

        I assure you Mr. Zeff, the LegalEagle was not aloft and commenting at 3:37 AM. Obviously a blog error.

        Oh, and please don’t bring Jesus into this or Aimee Patton will begin attacking you, and neither of us wants that.

    4. sam zeff says:

      Zman/Legal I sign my name. That’s what people who write for a living do. Although maybe I’ll start posting under Silence Dogood. Nah, but maybe you’ll give that a try.

      1. ZManBBQ says:

        Dear Sam ZMan,

        So, your contention is that people who write for a living should always sign their name to their work?

        That’s your opinion, I understand, and you should do what you feel is correct, but please DO NOT attempt to impose your rules for writing upon myself. I’m perfectly capable of thinking for myself, thank you very much.

        I will also point out to you that on a routine basis, editorials appear in The Kansas City Star which are unattributed. It seems the writer is content to hide behind the moniker of “The Editorial Board.” ZMan, you need to set them straight, and explain that their behavior is downright wimpy according to your standards.

        And then there’s the historical precedent of journalists and authors writing under an assumed name. Did you note that one of those commenting in this space may be referencing “Eric Blair” whose most well-known work appeared under a pseudonym? I fear you’re still not awake and paying attention to the puzzle pieces, ZMan.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the confusion, the reply was meant for the bully, not Aimee.

    “…keep your head on your shoulders, and out of your black hole.”

    Funny how he referred to himself as ‘intelligent’.

    1. TrashCompactor says:

      Dear Anonymous,

      No need to apologize for your confusion, everyone could determine that after reading your first comment.

      Did you actually read Aimee Patton’s post? Did you look at the pictures? Did you see the one that was representing a BLACK HOLE in space? The one she was using as a clever reference when criticizing another $34 million in the KS budget?

      Aimee wrote, “Hell, what’s another $34 more million in the hole?”
      Do you need me to walk you through the blog post line by line, explaining all the nuances, and play on words? Do you have a full-time babysitter with you?

      I could be wrong, but I’m getting a vibe here. I think this confused person may be a certain dimwitted man who lives in a West Virginia trailer while collecting government disability checks, and subsisting on Mountain Dew, moon pies and oxycodone. Just a hunch!

  5. spirilis says:

    It was a poor attempt at distraction Anon. The only tactic available when your hear is up the black hole that deep.

  6. Berto says:

    Not only do I blame Obama. I blame anyone that doesn’t tell Republicans to go **ck themselves. I mean, after all we now know…

  7. E.A. Blair says:

    If the plane crashed, I’d feel sorry for the families of the crew. Kobach? Not so much.

  8. LegalEagle Soars Majestically says:

    Jesus Christ!!!! (that’s for you Sam Zeff)

    For all you low-IQ Liberals who got your PANTIES IN A BIND over two intelligent people sparring with each other, while using humor and word-play, please see the FEB 20, 2015 Aimee Patton blog posting:

    (partial excerpt below)

    My Review of the Village Square Event Featuring Kris Kobach

    Aimee Patton


    February 20, 2015

    Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, and I are becoming BFFs these days. First I wrote a glowing blog post about him this week and then I got to see him in person at an immigration forum hosted by the Village Square last night.

    What is the Village Square? The Village Square is a non-partisan public educational forum on matters of local, state and national importance. They are dedicated to maintaining factual accuracy in civic and political debate by growing civil dialog on divisive issues, and recalling the history and principles at the foundation of our democracy.

    Civil dialog? I had to check it out and see if this thing called civil dialog was even possible.

    It was snowing like crazy when I left work for the event. My liberal hybrid had trouble reaching the venue. I was slipping and sliding all over the place, but NOTHING was going to keep me from seeing Mr. Kobach. I even slid into an intersection and hit a car!
    Ok, so it was snowing instead of raining as I recollected… got me!! Wow, my memory from 1.5 years ago was totally off.

    Sorry Aimee, but your denial posted above, of rushing to see Kobach speak is refuted by your own words!!
    Oooooooohhhh! BUSTED BIG TIME!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Oh…I totally forgot about that night! Your right! I did get in an accident going to see Kobach! Wow-you do keep up on my blogs. I was thinking of when I got shut out of Obama’s speech. I get confused.

      1. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsLegalEagle says:

        You’re forgiven, but just this once mind you!

        While I don’t think most of those commenting above are very bright, and seem to be practicing a stifling form of PC-lifestyle, you of course understand that my comments, while critical, are double-dipped in humor and intended to drive lively discussion.

        As I’ve expressed before, I do appreciate your writing and liberal measure of snarky attitude. I think you understand my intent is not to personally attack, but to return fire from an opposing view. A blog which only garners response from lame nodding heads is boring and destined for oblivion.

        Why, I’ve already helped drive up the comment count on this posting beyond anything recently seen. It does help when your link appears on TKC, as that reminds me to check in on you.

        Hope you still have all your fingers after yesterday!

        God Bless America and our right to free speech.

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