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Dear Kansas voters,

Tuesday.  Wow.  What a night.  I wanted to write sooner, but I’ve been so busy running around town singing “Happy Days are Here Again” that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write.  I know the Babs and Judy version is the classic, but since Kansas is moving out of 1960’s style politics I want to enjoy the more modern Glee kids singing their hearts out as a nod to all the winners of Tuesday’s election.


Moderate candidates beat conservatives in 14 races across Kansas.  Names like Melcher, Bruce and Knox are all gone.  Gone with them will be such memorable legislation like only heterosexual, praying, non-smoking, non-drinking people can provide foster care to children and sweet, innocent Kindergarten teachers must be packing heat in the sing-a-long circle at public school.  Kansas is no longer a conservative policy playground that lawmakers can have their way with.  Buh-bye education funding fight with the hashtag #fundtheformula.


The most epic loss of the night was Congressman Tim Huelskamp of the Freedom Caucasus a.k.a. the Tea Party.  He lost to Roger Marshall, a guy that was so unknown that when you Google him the only result you get is a “?”.   Huelskamp and his supporters blamed everyone and everything, but himself for the loss.


“In an ugly and dishonest campaign, Tim’s record was attacked and misrepresented by big money special interest groups who wanted to exact their revenge,” Jordan said. “Republicans need to be unified behind conservative principles to stop the Obama/Clinton agenda. The House Republican leadership’s opposition to Tim Huelskamp significantly damaged the ability of House Republicans to do that.”


The most productive thing Huelskamp did as a Congressman was troll Obama on Twitter.  I had a drinking game where every time Huelskamp tweeted the word “Obummer” I would drink.  I was drunk most of 2014.  The message to politicians is clear – work together or voters will vote you out.  The time for polarizing politics is over.


The biggest issue facing voters in the general election is figuring out the difference between a moderate Republican and a Democrat in Kansas.  Does anyone want to clue me in?  I’m thinking yard sign color, but it’s anyone’s guess.


Whatever the outcome in the general election, I know that good times are FINALLY ahead for Kansas!


Congratulations candidates and well done voters!

Yours for finally getting Kansas out of this mess,



5 thoughts on “Primary Results – Happy Days are Here Again in Kansas #ksleg

  1. Erik Keizer says:

    I wish I was as optimistic about Kansas as you are. Maybe I am just a Grumpy ole ex-Kansan that is totally disgusted with any human that claims he is Repub in Kansas. Kansas Dems should dust off their voting shoes they forgot in 2014 and vote in droves for human beings that are Kansan- Americans first, and party affiliations last.

  2. Jeff Russell says:

    Clap, clap. And in memorium……..

    Sent from my iPad


  3. tracyinkc says:

    I love your humor and writing, Aimee. But you are living in lalaland with Barbara Bollier if you think this vote really changed much. The economy is stalled. New businesses not arriving or thriving. Thus no new revenues—to spend endlessly on schools. The fact that the NEA union was successful is one thing. But as you well know, western Ks. legislators hate everyone in Joco, regardless of the color of their yard signs or their Dress for Success fancy pants and pantsuits.

  4. Jack Mayer says:

    You did it!!!!



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