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Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since my last post.  There are only so many hours in the day to keep up on the Trump twitter feed, the Kardashian snapchats and the Brangelina divorce saga that I have been so bad with neglecting my own blog.

Let’s kick this off with a bang and talk about everyone’s favorite topic – Kansas school funding!



On Friday, the Shawnee Mission School District sent me (everyone) a link to an online survey asking for input to help formulate the district’s legislative platform and guiding principles on school funding in Kansas.  I had to hurry and find principles to help guide them, but I am up for the challenge.

FINALLY a chance to share  my thoughts on the school funding formula.  I mean up until this point I’ve been so reserved about my thoughts on this topic. (See approximately 1 billion tweets under hashtag #ksleg)


Here is a copy of the guiding principles document from the district. Buckle in and let’s do this.


      1. The first one gives me warm-fuzzies.  Nice that we teach our kiddos to play fair and they want to play fair with school funding.  Too bad defining “fair” is a bitch.  Good luck with that.
      2. This one is my favorite.  Everyone hearts financial sustainability, but my favorite part is “long-term.”  How do we measure long-term?  Long-term for me is when I stop being pre-menstrual. How about only in months that end in “y”?  For some it could be the next 50 years.
      3. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of mediocrity in education.  <See above for the major eye-roll>
      4. See #1 – if it’s fair, wouldn’t it also be equal? Asking for a friend.
      5. Alternative revenue sources – if you are going to ask me to do a bake sale every other week, then I’m going to take the wire that connects my mouse to this computer and choke myself.  I’m just saying…
      6. Flexibility is great, but by how much?  Nothing good comes by letting people do whatever they want/whenever they want.
      7. Transparent = ALWAYS
      8. Vouchers = bad.  This will be the downfall of public education.
      9. No mandated consolidation….zzzz sorry I took a quick snooze on this one.  I will leave this one up to the experts.  I have opinions on A LOT of things, but I also know that some decisions need to be left up to the experts.  Ask me if  Kim Kardashian looks better as a blonde or a brunette and I have an opinion.  Ask me  if we should consolidate school districts and I’m going to tell you to ask an expert.  I’m not your gal.
      10. STOP THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF LITIGATION – could the right-wing, conservative who wrote this please stand up?  Why would we EVER want to stop our right to file a necessary lawsuit?  Yes a fair formula would stop the NEED to sue, however, we never want to take away our RIGHT to sue.  BIG difference.

Well Shawnee Mission School District and Governor Brownback, you asked for it.  Ultimately, at the end of the day, you can come up with any formula you want and if our state economy doesn’t recover it won’t make a damn bit of difference.  A healthy economy equals healthy funding for our Kansas schools.   Step 1, repeal the tax cuts.  Step 2, fix the formula.


Now I have to get back to the Trump twitter feed.  It’s been an hour and I’m SURE something has been posted that needs my immediately attention.


Yours for a healthy Kansas economy and excellent schools,




4 thoughts on “#KSLEG Brownback and Shawnee Mission School District asks for feedback on Kansas school funding

  1. Larry Mann says:

    I’ll tell ya what. YOU run for office.. and I’LL move back to Kansas JUST to vote for you. DEAL?

  2. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra says:

    WOWZER!!!!! She’s back. I had assumed that Aimee Patton, like the Kansas City Star Liberal Editorial Board had pretty much gone dark, and resigned herself to a vow of silence after being repeatedly beaten rhetorically by her Conservative superiors. Perhaps she also is waiting for October 7th, to join hands with Fael Abracadabra and Lewis DoBad as they exit the KC Star building in an ignoble ending to their career as faux journalists. We can only hope!

    But here is Ms. Patton, the hidalga, still charging at her ferocious giant, the Topeka windmill which is Governor Brownback ruling the red state of Kansas. One truly wonders if Ms. Patton has lost her sanity, set out to undo perceived wrongs, and bring justice to her world, all under the nom de guerre “Aimee de la Mancha.”

    Although Aimee de la Mancha can be a rational woman, her reading in excess books of Liberalism has produced the distortion of her perception and the wavering of her mental faculties. In keeping with the diagnostic theory of the time, not sleeping adequately — because she was tweeting — has caused her brain to dry; Aimee’s temperament is thus choleric, the hot and dry humor. As a result, she is easily given to anger and believes every word of these fictional books of Liberalism to be true. Such a pity.

    At this time, I request Ms. Patton rejoin reality, swear off her Kardashian/Brangelina addiction, and refer her to the most recent (9-29) episode of KCPT’s Ruckus, a program she’s actually appeared on. YIKES!!!Specifically, please fast-forward to the 9:30 minute mark and behold HIS MAGNIFICENCE Steve Mirakian, as he astutely opines on the topic of school funding. Ms. Patton, this IS the truth of the matter.

    “And so, to sum it all up, I perceive everything I say as absolutely true, and deficient in nothing whatever, and paint it all in my mind exactly as I want it to be.” —- Aimee de la Mancha

    Sincerely yours,
    Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

  3. Ed says:

    Why would anyone who cares about their kids trust the “government” to provide for their education.

  4. Nellie Christine Crenshaw says:

    Aimee, you’re morning short of terrific. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom.

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