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Usually I write letters to others, but this one is to myself. I think a little self-reflection is needed after this election.

Dear Aimee,

He won.

It happened. I know you still can’t believe it happened, but it happened. How did it happen? Nothing about it makes sense. Hillary had the boring policies, she won the debates, “you’re the puppet”, the convention was on point, the ceiling was shattering, she had a strong ad game, and she had Katy Perry.

She had KATY fucking PERRY. We were roaring. You were roaring. And you roared like a champ.


Today Trump went to the White House.

No amount of protesting, crying, bargaining, tweeting, status updating or ranting is going to change the outcome of this election.

So now what?

1. Let them have their moment. You had yours when Obama won. If we are being honest for a moment, it was pretty obnoxious how much of a moment you had.  Take a calming breath and just let them have their moment. Type all the responses on Facebook you want and then just hit delete and don’t post. Let them be happy. Life goes on without you responding to every Pro-Trump post on Facebook.

2. IGNORE ALL PETITIONS. As much as you would like to believe that signing that petition from is going to make all of this go away, it’s a waste of time.  Channel your energy into more productive things.  A petition does not bring down a President.

3. Have some hard conversations about what went wrong.  That doesn’t mean pointing the finger at “them”, but turning it around and figuring out exactly what went wrong with us.  Is this party as diverse and inclusive as it claims to be?  Why aren’t there new leaders emerging? Why does this party have trouble connecting with rural and suburban voters?  What are some core issues that the party is missing the mark on?

4. Get involved. Get involved. Get involved. I am not 100% sure what is in store for the country in the next four years, but get involved and stay involved. Writing a blog and poking fun at politicians is the fun part, but if you’re really as upset about this election as you claim to be, then you need to take MORE action.  You know that the real change happens at the local level.

5. Keep it in perspective.  You have lived for YEARS as a liberal in conservative Kansas.  You have survived, kept your sense of humor and spoke out for what you believe in.  You have Sam, tax cut disaster, Brownback to thank for the years of training in responding to conservative social and economic policies that have destroyed this state. You are not alone.  There are thousands and thousands of us in the Midwest that are used to this.  We just have to ramp it up to the national level for a while – and really start to roar.

Yours for surviving President Trump,




11 thoughts on “The day after, the day after the election.

  1. Michael Porter says:

    Look at the bright side Aimee. You now have a national stage to rant about. Keep it up! You are a bright light in the Conservative darkness.

  2. Condi says:

    RE #4: Not to “spam” you, but I thought I would share a missive I received from Jason Kander, which I feel is spot on (emphasis mine). Enjoy:

    This is the email where I’m supposed to thank you for all you’ve done for me, tell you how much it meant to me, and then say my goodbyes and wish you luck on your journey. I’m supposed to say something like, “Perhaps our paths will cross again.”

    But that’s not how I roll. Of course, I am thankful to you and I’m forever grateful for this experience. But why wouldn’t I be? Let’s talk about something important.

    We’re all disappointed about Tuesday night’s results. We lost an election. In fact, we – the Democrats – lost a whole mess of elections on Tuesday.

    But please know that I’m going to be fine. My wife is gorgeous and brilliant, and my son True is my best little buddy in the world. We are not the people who will be hurt by these election results. So please don’t spend any time being sad for me. If you’re going to be sad for someone, make it the single mom who has cancer and is scared to death about being unable to keep her insurance to continue treatments without Obamacare. Worry about the undocumented student who has only ever known this country and is worried about what happens to her now. Worry about the minimum wage worker trying to stretch $30 into a full grocery trip. Let your heart go out to the college student saddled with enormous debt and unable to get help from a parent whose own graduate degree has forced him into bankruptcy.

    I met each of those people, in real life, during this campaign. And it fueled me the whole way. But here’s the thing, that fuel is still in my tank. Why? I love this country and I won’t let losing an election force me away from the process.

    Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be President and the Republicans control the House and the Senate, but I need that to double your resolve, not cause you to give up on our politics.

    Be proud of the campaign we ran. In a “red” state that Donald Trump won by 19%, we came within 3% of turning the Senate seat blue. And we didn’t do it by hugging the middle and pretending to be moderate Republicans.

    I wouldn’t change a single day on this campaign. I’m proud that we took on some of the biggest names in Republican politics and darn near shocked the world. We fought for smart environmental policies, for unions, for LGBT equality, for commonsense gun safety, and a host of other important causes. I’m proud that we didn’t back down and that we demonstrated that the most important thing Democrats can do is make their argument.

    If you were a part of this campaign in even the smallest way, you might feel like stepping away from it all to lick your wounds. Maybe you think you’re done with volunteering or donating or even believing in anything changing. Well, you won’t get a pass from me. Staying engaged has become more important than ever.

    And this is the time to maintain that engagement. A new generation is stepping forward in America. Don’t let anyone tell you that this generation is selfish. This is a generation that cares more about ideas than ideology and measures patriotism not by a politician’s eagerness to go to war but by their willingness to do what’s right no matter the political cost. And this generation knows better than to let any politician – even a President – tell them that a changing country is a declining country.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do next or even whether I’ll ever place my name on a ballot again, but I know I’m not leaving this cause behind. To truly care about this country is to demonstrate that you care about her politics the same when you’re winning as when you’re losing.

    America needs you now more than ever. So don’t quit! This generation is patriotic, creative, selfless, and – most importantly – numerous. My campaign might no longer be the vehicle for your activism, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from standing up and making your voice heard.

    Take some time off…

    Ok, was that enough time?

    We have work to do. You in?

    1. Condi says:

      Hmmm…apparently no emphasis is allowed.

      ; ‘ )

  3. James Higgs says:

    This country is very divided. Either your like condi, very left, or your like me, right. But what you need to relize is the country is 50-50 condi. Your only speaking for half the country. And most democrats don’t understand that and the mainstream media still don’t get it. Even after the election results clearly show this.

    We, the right have spoken, and we want change. We want Donald trump as are president. We lost in 2000 and 2008 and when we did we were mad and scared but you didn’t get cameras on us crying. What you did see was a surge of us running out to buy guns and we hunkered down and prepared for the worst. Obama gave us exactly what we knew what was coming, more debt, Obama care, more regulations, more restrictions, and it would have been worse if we didn’t control the other body’s of the government. That being said I will quote a man I ran into in Wyoming yesterday, “ain’t that like a democrate, they don’t get there way and they fall down and start crying………. they start f ing crying”. I could not have put it better my self. I’ve even heard friends say they may move to Canada. I offered them $.25 on the $1 for there house. See you later. If you don’t to vote any more, I say good more red ballots for us. Just give up, sounds like a normal democratic way of thinking.

    i keep hearing about this uneducated republican vote and how democrats are sophisticated. I’m not sure if this do to the top of our ticket or due to the blue collar average voter but either, quoting Trump ”WRONG”. Blue collard people are just the salt of the earth and they may not have the education as some white collard works but eduction is a poor replacement for intelligence. And as far as a leader goes, I’m under the option that you never want your leader as the smartest man\women in the room. That’s not there roll. They should surround there selfs with a veering great thinking sharp group of people with different backgrounds to aid him. And if he’s\she’s truely a good leader they will listen to all points of view with there own view in mind and make a decision. While a good leader is always able to make discions in bad situations they will always make a decion, good,bad or in deferent. In my option Hilary was a bad choose in this aspect and trump was the clear choose but that is my option and in this great country we all get that choose. Which that time was November 8th and it was very clear and loud even after mainstream media beat down the republican

    So I will close with one of my favorite quotes

    Benjamin Franklin
    “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

    1. Condi says:

      No offense, James, but you lost me near the beginning.

      I made allowances for your misuse of “your” in place of “you’re”, because my 8th grader still does that nonsense, too.

      But then you begin your premise with the flat-out wrong notion that “But what you need to relize (sic) is the country is 50-50…” Actually, James, the country is slightly moderate to left leaning by a very thin percentage point, say 50.1 to 49.9 percent, as evidenced by the popular vote: your candidate lost that, not ours. So right away I can sense an resentful, long held in sibling rant coming on.

      Nor was I disappointed: “We lost in 2000 and 2008 and when we did we were mad and scared but you didn’t get cameras on us crying. What you did see was a surge of us running out to buy guns…” And of course I had to stop there, knowing full well the rest of your comment would contain even worse emotional and illogical assertions; “scared” – of what, a black man? “a surge of us running out to buy guns”? Good Thor.

      Trump ever build a “wall”, or successfully deport “11 million illegal immigrants.”

      There are things your thin-skinned friend WILL make great again; let me list just a few of them:

      Enemies lists
      WH scandals (over-the-top enough to put Reagan’s to shame)
      “Just Say NO” pap
      Nudie pics of a sitting The First Lady’s
      A discredited American exceptionalism (this undoubtedly leading to yet another SW Asian Adventure)
      Bald pandering
      A national debt soaring over 5 trillion

      I truly hope Trump lives up to whatever you have imagined he will do for “you.” However, as a realist I understand he will not be bringing factory and steel-working jobs back to the middle and upper Midwest states (though dollars to doughnuts he WILL try to increase global warming by attempting to revive the coal industry and shut off $$$ for green energy solutions.) He will not, in fact, create any better, much less more, jobs than his predecessor; the nation is too far down the service economy bunny trail for that (for which you can think George the Elder and each successive president since.)

      But if it makes you feel better to think you and yours have “won” something, more power to you.

  4. Allan Worthing says:

    I sort of came to the same conclusion that we could live thru this until I considered two things. One was the Russian connection and the other is the appointment of cabinet members. I find it chilling to the bone that someone like Jamie Dimon could be Treasury Secretary.

    1. Condi says:

      Vis a vis Jamie Dimon and the inventible scaling back of the regulations put in place after the Great Recession…

      1928 was the last time 99% of the nation’s wealth was concentrated in 1% of the population’s hands. It was also the last time the Republicans held the White House and both chambers of Congress.

      1929 saw the onset of The Great Depression.

  5. James Higgs says:

    Frank Herbert
    “Education is no substitute for intelligence.”

    You would be corrected on my grammar and it is obvious this is not my strong suit, but it will not change the points that I make. And 50.1 to 49.9, really are we going to split hairs on the popular vote. What ever makes you sleep better ate night, it is fine with me…… because you do have it all figured out. One other thing that you may not realize is we “uneducated Americans” don’t like being told what to do and who is going to win the election before it starts(either party). And that might have tipped the scales just enough to give Trump the edge to pull it off the other night. Kinda like you saying how you understand what is going to happen in the future and how you are a “realist”. You have know idea what the future holds, the top people in this country don’t fully understand what trump will do with this broken economy. As a matter of fact your statement makes you more arrogant and proves my point about democrats. Thank you.

    I’m sure not all democrats are not like you but a high percent are, unfortunately. That’s ok, keep looking down your nose, we will keep building your highways,airports,farming the land,ranching,working the factory, working for a honest days wage. At the end of my day I’m not better than anyone else; black, white, red, yellow, women or man. I’m not sure where your from but around here I don’t see racism. That may be hard for people to understand but it’s the truth. And the only people I personally feel obligated to help more than anyone else is the American Indian. But that is a whole other can of worms.

    And you bring up the Great Depression to blame the republicans, come on. There were so many things that cause that. Over lending,business failing, ww1 inflation, the list goes on and on. Plus the republicans back then were more like democrats today, the parties were structured on totally different platforms.i would have probably been part of the bull moose party. But seeing how educated you are you already know this so I have to assume your just tiring to trick the rest of the un educated Americans. Just like a normal left winger. I would leave you with a quote but I opened with one and I would hate to be tacky.

  6. I. M. Indie says:

    What a pleasant surprise to come across this latest posting from Aimee Patton. And, no, I’m not being facetious with that remark. All things considered, this is a reality-based response from an intelligent, humorous writer who just happened to see her preferred candidate lose the Presidential election. Thanks for your rational response and not giving in to your inner-snowflake social justice warrior!

    While I couldn’t resist a few retaliatory comments toward those who had been forecasting a Clinton win for months if not years, I’ve largely held back the celebrations and am allowing her supporters to vent their frustration til the end of this week. Hopefully, then all who play this political game can settle down and resume some semblance of regularity. Since we’re being honest, a lot of us who voted for Trump are still waiting to see who will fill the key posts in his administration, and how much change is forthcoming from a system captured by oligarchical interests. Recall that for many voters Trump was simply the representation of anti-Establishment sentiment. Of those who reported dissatisfaction with both candidates for President, they ended up breaking 2-to-1 for Trump.

    Let me just list a few things that come to mind and perhaps you’ll find them interesting:

    1) Some who forecast trends saw this election result a long time ago. I remember reading something from the Socionomics Institute, maybe 2-3 years ago, detailing the resurgence of 3rd Party candidates. And remember, Trump actually represents a 3rd Party movement, as nearly all were aligned against him, including the Republican Party. Aimee, that likely doesn’t give you any solace, but Trump is more of a disruptor of the status quo than a Republican. Along with a shift toward political conservatism, the forecasters called for a more liberal social acceptance toward things like marijuana and same-sex relationships. Although those two points may initially sound contrary, the idea is that while national politics shifts toward the conservative pole, individually, people are more tolerant of personal choice as long as it doesn’t impact their own lives.

    2) In regards to the financial markets, it really doesn’t matter who got elected to the Presidency on November 8th. Thanks to a continuation of the blowing bubbles policy, our next President will be in-office during the inevitable downturn. During the entirety of Obama’s two terms, the stock market has been in an upward trajectory, and this has occurred under false pretenses. By aggressively intervening in the markets beginning in early 2009, the Federal Reserve stopped the clearing of dead brush from the forest floor, created artificial drought conditions for Main Street, and has now primed the stage for a flash fire. They’re likely to raise interest rates at the December meeting, and perhaps Obama will flick his still-lit cigarette on the tinder as he prepares his White House exit. That President-Elect Trump doesn’t smoke won’t stop him from having to play the role of firefighter.

    3) Personal confession: I was never a BIG big Trump fan. I never watched The Apprentice, and wondered why a man who made his fortune in real estate would become a game show host. In general, I don’t care for immodest individuals who make a habit of routine boasting of their exploits. (Pardon my previous comments toward you, if you ever misinterpreted my humor, I do enjoy your writing.) So ask yourself, what was the purpose of The Apprentice? It first aired in January 2004, and Donald Trump had been seriously toying with the idea of running for President for many years prior. When it comes to national politics, please stop thinking that things happen spontaneously. Hillary Clinton was preliminarily chosen as the 2016 Democratic nominee, way back in the Summer of 2008, at the same meeting where Obama was given the nod for the Presidency. Clinton was appointed Secretary of State for her launching pad, just as Trump was cultivating a following among the television-watching masses across the country with The Apprentice show. Aimee, while you were watching Desperate Housewives, Trump was introducing himself to millions of future voters as a tough, decisive, in-charge businessman. It was likely all pre-scripted by both sides.

    4) Let me just say that after putting aside our competitive political instincts, I understand that you feel as passionately about your issues, as I do about mine. What’s funny is that many of our beliefs have their genesis in things like gender, the political beliefs of our parents and family growing up, our religious upbringing if any, those we went to school with, our social group, our occupation, our geographic location, etc. Whenever you’re questioning the sanity of people like me who voted for Trump, understand that I’m equally puzzled why anyone could possibly ponder supporting another Clinton.

    5) Aimee, as for your own Point Number 3 above, consider the possibility that nothing per se “went wrong”, maybe the pendulum is simply swinging back now in the opposite direction. Reagan – 8 years; H.W. Bush – 4 years; Clinton – 8 years; G.W. Bush – 8 years; Obama – 8 years; and now back to the Republican (sort of) Trump. Interesting how that party turnover regularly cycles through time, isn’t it? It’s a very useful tool for those wishing to provide the illusion of choice for the American people. If you want to make a difference and work to improve your community, everyone should do it on their neighborhood, local, or school district level. It’s there that you can make a significant contribution.

    6) Finally, I’d like to make a suggestion for the both of us, and anyone else who’s playing along in this oftentimes silly political game. What would happen if we stopped referring to ourselves as Democrats and Republicans, Blue versus Red, Liberal (pardon me, Progressive) and Conservative? If we begin self-identifying as Independent, would that mean that others actually have to read our writing or listen to our thoughts before responding to our opinions? Too often, most of us tend to dig in our heels and react in knee-jerk fashion to those whose label is opposite our own. Yes, it’s easy to get carried away and quickly dismiss a perceived political enemy’s views, but isn’t that like subsisting on a junk food diet? Eating healthy and exercising regularly isn’t the easy default choice for us, as evidenced by observing the American population. I do enjoy your political humor, so an occasional bowl of Brownback ice cream, or a bag of Hillary pork rinds is fine with me, but let’s do start attempting to explain why we take the positions we do and what our life experience has taught us.

    Before I go, to reiterate why I’ve visited your blog “Pleasantly Eccentric” and debated the issues with you, it’s because you’re a good writer who successfully incorporates humor (a difficult thing) and yes I do think you’re a nice person. I wouldn’t waste my time responding to and teasing someone who wasn’t worth it. But then you’ve known that all along haven’t you? Please continue writing Aimee, and I’ll try to keep checking in on you periodically to keep you honest. Best wishes to you and your family!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      I can’t tell you what your words and video link means to me. Your points about why he won are great ones and are making me think-especially about his reality show intentions.

      Thank you for your kind words about my writing. This campaign has offered a lot of surprises but I’m happy to say that one of the best is this comment. Thank you. 💖❤️💖

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