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The New York Times is running an ad tonight during the Oscars in defense of the attacks on the media by President Trump – the subject of the ad is the truth.

The truth.

They aren’t selling perfumes, pizza or even the latest tennis shoes, but the truth.

The New York Times doesn’t even make the truth look sexy, young or pretty the way advertisers are supposed to.  It’s just there in black and white. Cold and alone.

And they are spending a fortune in order to send this message.

The truth is hard.


Fake news.  False stories.  Sad ratings. The President been attacking the media from his early days in the campaign to today when he tweets from the White House.

I’m angry that an ad is running telling the world that the truth is hard.

But I’m not angry with the President.

I’m angry with the New York Times.

People who know me and read this blog, know I’m no fan of the President. I didn’t vote for him, I don’t support his policies and I don’t buy into his rhetoric.  But he is winning this battle. The media is playing right into his hand.

The truth is that the New York Times running an ad explaining the “truth” to us is nothing more than the public playing 3rd party to dysfunctional relationship between the media and the President that continues to boil since he took office.  I wish I could give credit to the person who coined the term “battered woman syndrome” in this scenario, because it’s a perfect description of what’s going on here.

It’s painfully obvious that the  media isn’t exactly sure how to handle BEING the story versus reporting on the story.  The President repeatedly beats them up, invalidates them, abuses them and yet they constantly seek his approval.  As clearly displayed in this ad, I’ve seen more self-confidence in a 13 year-old girl.

We get it, truth can mean different things to different people.  The media isn’t “fake news.”  We can scream we love you from the rooftops, but the one person you want so desperately to say it, never will.  So media, how are you going to learn to live with yourself for the next four years?  Taking out million dollars ads during every major news event isn’t going to fill that lonely void.

Have confidence in your product.  Stop being so defensive about it and, as Nike says “just do it.” Keep doing your job.  You are great at it. Report the fact and leave the truth part up to the reader. We all know deep down he really loves you.  Why would he spend so much time telling us how much he doesn’t? He can’t live without you.  That is the real truth and it didn’t cost a thing for me to advertise it.




9 thoughts on “The New York Times ad during the Oscars

  1. Larry Mann says:

    Sorry to disagree. The ad was necessary. The ad said what is true. The ad is unfortunately, our new reality.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Don’t be sorry to disagree! I think a lot of people will disagree with me. I think our reality is changing a lot. I think it’s cool that you are good with the ad. Time will tell if it was necessary or not. Please know I’m on the side of the the media. The NYT was around before Trump and they will be around after Trump. He will not win this.
      Cheers, Aimee

  2. sallybr says:

    I have mixed feelings about it. I see your point, but the fact is that this whole thing is so incredibly “twilight-zony” that it’s impossible to know what would be the best approach to deal with it. It would seem that simply going on reporting the news (real news) should be enough. It would seem that hammering on Trump’s statements as lies could backfire, as his supporters are oblivious to criticism directed at their new “moral leader.”
    But it’s all so unreal, it all lacks logic, common sense, it is new territory for everyone. I can see how organizations such as NYT, Washington Post are having a hard time figuring out how to best fight this battle.

  3. Dan says:

    Great note. Thanks Aimee.

    Best, Danny C-917-312-9632


  4. Kansas woman says:

    What Trump is doing is gaslighting pure and simple. Today the media is a victim as well as his zombie-like followers. Gaslighting is exactly what narcissists do to manipulate perceptions. Trump is not the master of the deal, he is the master of the manipulative lie.

  5. Greg says:

    It seems to me – that the Media -NBC -ABC – CBS – MsN- CNN – etc – have continually attacked President Trump – and he is just trying to show the other side of the story !! An example would be last week!! The news media portrayed the crackdown on illegal – mainly law breaking – like sex offenders and robbers – as an attack on all immigrants !! And it was a crackdown on law breakers people that are a danger to you ladies !! Actually I saw that Obama had done the same thing a few years ago !! Did the News media mention Obamas action in bad light like they did with what President Trump did??
    I saw a post by Bill ORielly – check it out!! Thanks for your patience!!

  6. Admiral Byrd says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Thank you for the indulgence.

    With this post, Aimee Patton has stepped up to the plate, and swinging on the first pitch, slammed the ball over the fence! I don’t know how long she spent thinking about this topic before writing her thoughts down, but clearly she put some reasoned effort into crafting this important message. By the way, have you noticed she’s operating on a higher level over the past few months? Bravo!

    To briefly explain where my own viewpoint is coming from, I’ll tell you that I consider myself a political Independent. I did vote for President Trump, but it was more a vote against the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who I considered the epitome of American political corruption. So, while not a Trump fan, if I was to participate in the voting process, I felt there was no other viable choice.

    Now, let’s please explore some more TRUTH, keeping in mind that we will each define this term a bit differently perhaps, but I will be using the following:
    Truth noun that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality

    The New York Times running an ad during the Oscars. There’s something inherently perverse about that very statement, yet simultaneously revealing. The New York Times is considered by many to be the nation’s paper of record, and the Oscars award ceremony is Hollywood’s annual public masturbation performance. What do they both have in common? They’re in the business of advertising, and politically speaking, they both lean leftward.

    The NY Times, continuously published since 1851, has a print version with the second-highest domestic circulation behind only The Wall Street Journal, but is only ranked 39th in the world. Like most newspapers, the NY Times has experienced falling sales and difficult financial times. Though the Sulzberger family trust continues to maintain its long dominant control of the paper via voting rights, the largest shareholder is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who purportedly has extensive ties to corrupt politicians and drug smugglers. As well, the NY Times has a long history of working with intelligence agencies to craft a public narrative advantageous to their mission.

    If indeed the media is playing right into President Trump’s hand, and I won’t dispute that opinion, then we should ask the question, “Why?” Knowing that a large segment of the population devours the message of a “nasty corrupt corporate media”, why do they continue the self-flagellation process with Trump’s imaginary ties to Russia, personal attacks calling him Hitler, the First Lady a prostitute, and ridiculing their young son? Are they emulating Megyn Kelly, who personifies the modern-day journalist, striving to become the story and not just report it? Like your local television “news”, I’m afraid that The NY Times and Hollywood are both in the business of keeping you distracted and entertained. Honestly, by a show of hands, how many of you watched the Oscars? Don’t worry, I won’t tell, but as long as you keep falling for their “entertainment as news” tactic, you will remain their voluntary slave.

    On a local level, how do you explain a group of editorial board members at The Kansas City Star who reportedly were assembled to represent all viewpoints, yet every one of them represents Democrat Party views? Are they purposely attempting to alienate half of their potential audience? Do you think they’re truly puzzled why they’re going bankrupt? I’d much rather read thoughtful blogs like Pleasantly Eccentric. And don’t even get me started on what passes nowadays for local TV news! It’s like junk-food garbage delivered by a cadre of Stepford Wives.

    Why was Donald Trump elected President?
    Why were we given the Hobson’s choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
    Why did so few Democrats run for the nomination? Besides Clinton and Sanders, do you even remember anyone else?
    Out of an initial 17 Republican candidates, how did a never-before-held-office NYC celebrity/real-estate mogul emerge as the victor?

    Open your mind….no really this will be good for you….to the possibility that it was all pre-scripted for your entertainment pleasure. Most Americans aren’t paying attention anymore, but for the minority that are, every 4 years we go through a dramatic performance that I’ve come to call “America’s Next Top Spokes-Model.” Enormous sums of money are spent on ADVERTISING and ENTERTAINMENT. Here’s another analogy I like, imagine you’re a member of a fraternity/sorority and you decide to run for chapter President. You go up against another member, put your best foot forward, but win or lose, after the voting is done you close ranks and remain a brother/sister with your opponent. That’s the way the Republican and Democrat status quo parties co-exist. They both seek to lead the chapter (country) but understand it’s in both their interests to provide the illusion of choice, so have an understanding that leadership will rotate every 4-8 years.

    Let’s now cut to the chase, as even I’ve grown weary of my rambling here. Let’s open our eyes and look at reality, at the TRUTH. America now has a billionaire President, with a Cabinet of fellow billionaires, and a generous smattering of military generals in positions of political power. President Trump has just announced a proposed major increase in military spending. The stock market keeps hitting new record highs, despite being quite overbought by historical standards. Look at the following list of countries, and see if it means anything to you: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran
    The day President Trump took office, January 20, the national debt was $19,947,304,555,212.49 – what we usually would write as $19.9 trillion.

    Are you familiar with the excellent book The Fourth Turning by Howe/Strauss? If you’re paying attention, would you say that the United States currently, more closely resembles the past of our Nifty 1950’s or the Turbulent 1960’s? Is the European Union peaceful and prosperous, or beginning to fracture apart? What about Asia, in particular China, India, Japan, and the Koreas?

    I thank Aimee Patton for the posting and look forward to her future thoughts. The pendulum of time is swinging toward the negative night forces, irrespective of the party assuming the mantle of leadership.

  7. Just The Facts says:

    While War on Media Escalates, CBS Chief Praises Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda

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