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Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while.  Sorry I haven’t been writing more.   What I’ve been lacking in blogging, I’ve been making up for in tweeting!

There have been numerous articles analyzing the KS04 election.  I had to chime in here with my top four takeaways from this special election.  In no particular order!

  1. The swamp ad –  Estes stood in a swamp – an actual green, disgusting swamp with a mid-belly campaign sticker to prove a point about the disgusting DC swamp and then paraded the swamp to campaign for him.  Cruz, Pence and now swampy Trump all came out to support Ron Estes. Was the snake supposed to represent the liberals or Cruz?  Thinking back without reviewing the ad, I’m not exactly sure.


2. The postcards

Who is paying for the postcards? Oh the drah-ma! SOMEHOW I knew that there was bickering between the state party and Thompson over paying for campaign postcards.  This came out at a critical time during the election.  My advice – ZIP IT! Both sides are at fault. Look, every family has dirty laundry, the point is to fake it like everyone does on Facebook. Pretend to be happy.  I could care less if the money was offered, if the postcards were purchased, if the party didn’t pay for the postcards, if there even were postcards. It DOESN’T matter!  I do remember hearing about this and thinking, “there must be some serious problems in this campaign.” REMINDER – I am 175 miles away from this campaign. I shouldn’t even know about the damn postcards.

3. Silence from the DNC

Oh Bernie.  He came out for Thompson.  He would say something nice at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah if I asked him to.  Of course Bernie showed up, but Bernie can’t be everywhere.  Where were the others?  Warren?   Biden? Anyone? The response – “That does not escape the attention of voters,” said Ian Russell, who served as the DCCC’s political director last year. “If national Democrats come in, that becomes a campaign issue.”

This excuse is such crap! See point #1 – the guy was standing in a swamp!  It was already a campaign issue.  You were represented by reptiles in a campaign ad.  Game on.  If you are worried about your leadership being a campaign issue, take a look at your leadership.

4. The DNC social game – sigh.  Where are you my friends?  I thought the twitter feed was @DNC.  I went crazy at their lack of involvement (no tweets since 4/4) and was corrected to the twitter feed of @thedemocrats.  I kinda apologize.  Only kinda, because twitter is my favorite social platform and EVEN I WAS CONFUSED.  How are others going to follow and figure this out, if I couldn’t?  You have a feed that connects people to another feed in the profile?  Who reads profiles?

Even on the correct feed, the tweets of support for Thompson are weak.  Post election, there are mentions of the race.  See below. Am I inspired?  Are you serious?  How many resistance shirts have I purchased?  How many protest signs have I drawn?  How many times I have I shown up at rallies and made my voice heard for you to barely phone it in to this important race.  AND now you have the balls to ask me if I’m “inspired?” Show me how you are going to step up YOUR game and then we will talk.


There is a grassroots movement out there and it is strong.  Listen to it.  Mobilize it.  Let it work WITH you.  Real change can happen, but you need to LISTEN.  Congratulations Thompson and your grassroots supporters who came out with a respectable showing and Estes on the win.

Moving on,

5 thoughts on “Top 4 points on the KS 04 – the day after

  1. Erik Keizer says:

    Outstanding column. I love it when you get your dander up.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jinx says:

    We have affiliated with the Indivisible movement, a non-partisan group to resist the Trump agenda’s trampling down everyday Americans in favor of millionaires. They have the Indivisible Guide online.

  3. Mark Dugan says:

    Maybe inspired by the voters of 04, if not the state Democrats or the DNC. Maybe. A little. They made is closer than it was with Pompeo. But daaaang, this district elected Dan Glickman, and this time we had Sam Brownback and Donald Trump showing us what the right is all about, and still they’re OK with Estes?

  4. Susan Alexander says:

    Good post, Aimee. I’ve let the DCCC know how unhappy I am about their lack of support for Thompson. I’ve said it in replies to their email and snail mail solicitations. I’ve also let them know I’ll be contributing directly to candidates in the future because my donations to the DCCC haven’t done a thing for good Democrat candidates in Kansas.

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