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Last week’s close race between Thompson and  Estes in KS 04 has all of Kansas buzzing about the future of other seats.  Paul Davis announced he’s throwing his hat in the ring for Lynn Jenkin’s 2nd district seat

Loved this announcement.

The Governor’s race – buh-bye Brownback.  Can’t come soon enough.  So who’s running?  Everyone.  Hell, for all I know I’m running.  I can’t keep up with the list of names.  My question, who wants to inherit this hot mess?  The state is bankrupt, the school funding drama deserves a reality show on Bravo, our college kids aren’t only going to be raging at the local frat house – they will be armed.  #CampusCarry Good times.

And then there is Congressman Kevin Yoder.  After the Thompson/Estes race, all eyes turned to his seat.

From the KC Star,

“If we start to see Republicans consistently underperforming … then someone like Kevin Yoder, who is in a much more politically balanced district that Hillary Clinton actually won, needs to be concerned,” said Patrick Miller, a political scientist at the University of Kansas.

Yoder’s office declined to comment for this article.

Of course they declined to comment. I’m not a political scientist, but let me break this down for you in suburban, mom-speak.

Remember the Women’s March?  That small gathering?


KC had a strong showing. A large percentage of the people there were from Yoder’s district. If Thompson can pull numbers like that in KS004 with a grassroots effort and almost no support from the national party, imagine what can happen in a more liberal district like Yoder’s?

Combine that with the fact that Yoder USED to be a moderate.  Heck, I used to like him back in the day. I know! Shocking! He has inched or should I say galloped to the right with the popularity of the Tea Party.  It’s  hard to pin him down on issues (healthcare vote) and has decided to phone in his recent Town Halls. #NoEyeContact

Yoder wants you to believe that everything is just a-ok.  He isn’t sweating it.  His camp finally released a statement-


Kev’s got lots of money. Whoopie. I’m not political spin doctor, but watch this…”Congressman Yoder has served his constituents well, will continue to until the election and welcomes an opponent to discuss issues important to Kansans.”

Translation – Yoder is really, really worried.

We all know the slogan #YoderVoter. Think about how easily it can change to #OverYoder.  Wouldn’t that be terrible if it gained momentum?


6 thoughts on “Turning up the heat on Yoder

  1. eugenevdebs3 says:

    Can Brownback and Trump turn KS blue?

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      It’s pretty red. I would be happy if we got some D wins and the state went from red to a nice pink.

  2. Greg Volz says:

    The win in Wichita was not close, no matter how much that you would like it to have been.
    Except for a few areas (Lawrence, Wyandotte County, parts of northern Johnson County),the voters support Brownback and everything that he stands for.
    Liberals are living in an echo chamber with other liberals. You think that wanting things a certain way, mean that those things are fact or will be fact.
    Please do not let MSNBC, CNN, or ABC convince you, that fantasy is reality. If you accept that, then 2018 will see the Republicans increase their majorities in both chambers.
    Democrats are not offering anything new.

    1. Mark Dugan says:

      Greg Volz, Kansas has some beautiful landscapes, even in the flat parts. The Governor’s not very popular, even in his own party, but a lot of good people live here. You should visit sometime!

  3. Condi says:

    Even Kevie’s penis couldn’t unseat him; a mere election is nothing…

  4. Nellie Crenshaw says:

    Thank you for your wit, insights, and skewering of the awful public policy foisted upon us by Kansas legislators. As a Kansan raised on a “farm turned to ranch” who also lived in upstate New York and Iowa before returning to Kansas, I am appalled at the slippage of Kansas from a moderate, progressive state to the level of Oklahoma. Why, oh why?

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