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It’s Sunday afternoon. My plan was to curl up on the couch with the new best seller “Shattered” to understand what went wrong with Hillary’s campaign.

Every day since Trump won, I’m like…

I went up to the local Barnes and Noble to buy my copy.

“I’m here for Shattered,” I said at the info desk.  I always head right to the info desk. because I’m not one to browse the Barnes and Noble in a hunter/gatherer type of mode.  Right or wrong, I treat the info desk more like a valet service.  Don’t judge.

I got more Barnes and less Noble from Miss Help Desk.

“That sold out almost immediately. Do you want to be put on a list? What’s your name?”

A list? I have to wait? I’m cool with lots of four letter words, but w.a.i.t. isn’t one of them.  I’ve already binge watched Girlboss on Netflix and it’s Sunday.

“Add me to your list.  Trust me, there isn’t a list, good or bad, in KS I’m not already on.”

Here we are. I’m caught up on Netflx, no book to read and it’s a rerun of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.

Idea! Let’s do a Sunday Summary!

Here. We. Go.

1. Big news this week that SMSD Superintendent Jim Hinson is “retiring” – I shouldn’t have put that in quotes because he really is retiring.  The quotes are that it came out of the blue, midweek and everyone was like…

Retiring. Sure.  I think he’s my age. My age being “29”. <cough> <cough>.

Why the sudden announcement?  I think the best source is the Shawnee Mission Post. They have reported all the dirt.  Was it the CBIZ contract? Was he on the wrong side of school finance? Was he pushed out? Probably all of the above. To be honest, I don’t think we will ever really know, but I’m glad he is gone.

Confession: I can’t stress enough how much damage this guy did to the Shawnee Mission  School District. I follow politics, but I don’t follow school boards or superintendents. I can’t name another KC superintendent or previous superintendent in Shawnee Mission. Some days I can barely sign permission slips and remember soccer practice.  #momlife The fact that I know about the Hinson dirt bothers me. My passions are state and federal politics. You know it’s bad when I’m regularly logging on to watch school board meetings and skipping the Real Housewives.  Sorry Andy. It’s Jim’s fault. The hottest ticket in town is the Monday night SMSD school board meeting. Follow along on twitter #SMSD or log in to watch.  All eyes are on you Shawnee Mission to clean up this mess.

2. #KSLEG is on recess until 5/1.  There have been a lot of great events around town to meet with your representatives. Smart to hold them at bars. Reason #1 why I show up. I hope you have been taking advantage of them.

When break is over, they will be tackling school finance, the bleak budget, campus carry and expanding medicaid. It is…


Hello Ryan…


3. Speaking of things on repeat in Kansas, Jay Sidie is back raising money for the KS 03 to run against Congressman Kevin Yoder.  That will be a race to watch.  I’m sure there were lessons learned from the last race and as much as Yoder would like you to think he isn’t vulnerable, he is.  How do I know?  I’m a political genius. HA! Nope. He’s running around talking to anyone who will listen about how he’s not vulnerable. It’s not hard to figure out. #OverYoder

Everyone remembers Yoder supported Trump, people are frustrated with Yoder’s town halls that are l-a-m-e and I’m sure Sidie learned a lot from the last election (psst..go TV and radio EARLIER).

That is the Sunday Summary.  If anyone has a connection to a copy of the Hllary book, message me! I’ll be your BFF.

Have a great week everyone.

Thanks for reading.



5 thoughts on “Aimee’s Sunday Summary – Hinson, #Ksleg, Yoder/Sidie

  1. Ann McM. Kenney says:

    While you wait for Shattered, read Hillbilly Elegy by Vance and Listen Liberal by Frank, if you haven’t already, which I suspect you have!

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t. I’ll check them out. Aimee

  2. William Stueve says:

    I’m “Shattered” that you haven’t heard about this new thing called “e-books”. Apparently there’s an infinite supply of electrons and photons despite there being a hold on paper and ink. Now be a good BFF and hook me up with all of the bar-based KS LEG town halls.

    1. Aimee Patton says:

      Love the word play there-I do know e-books but I can be old fashioned and when it comes to this, I like to turn pages. Shocking I know! Thanks for reading and commenting! Aimee

  3. Hillary Pelosi-Waters R. Alzheimers says:

    Just 2 quick points: 1) if you’re serious about unseating Rep. Yoder, you can’t support a defective flake like “Seedy”! 2) No need to read “Shattered”, let alone wait on a hard copy. Summary of what went wrong = the candidate was Hillary (see “defective flake” comment above).

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