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Kansas is soooo broke…   Audience – How broke are we?   We are so broke that we need to come up with $400 million dollars more in spending reductions or tax increases to balance the budget.   I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t.   All the lawmakers quoted in the news …

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When you think of American college kids what comes to mind? If you said partying – I would say grab some cheap beer and a beer bong and let’s do this!  However, if you are like many state lawmakers that’s not what is coming to mind these days.  Turns out when they think of college …

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Are you a poor person in Kansas who receives government assistance each month and takes luxury cruises?   I can just picture it – your $497 per month comes in and you think, “dial-up Carnival Cruise lines where am I headed this month with my family of four?  The Bahamas?  No I think I’ll head …

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Governor Brownback did it today.  He signed SB 45 known as the Constitutional Carry Bill.  From Ammoland Sporting news (yes, I occasionally read Ammoland Sporting News), “The bill restores second amendment rights in Kansas close to what they were when the Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.” Read more: Woohoo! Here’s …

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I’m happy to announce that after many hours of thought and hundreds and hundreds of hours of debate – it’s finally happened.  I’ve been drawn to the other side.  I’ve finally been convinced to become a Conservative Republican. I’m not sure when the final moment came that convinced me that the conservative movement was where …

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