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Hey kids, what do you want to do this hot, summer morning? Hang out at the neighborhood pool? Nah… Go to a nice, cool museum in town? Nope. I know! How about if you stand in the blazing sun, holding medically inaccurate signs yelling things like, “you are cursed to hell for eternity” at the …

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They are finished. Kansas lawmakers finished their last day in session.  If your hair doesn’t have enough gray in it and you are longing to end your day with an excruciating tension headache created from nothing, but complete frustration over state government- cue up twitter feed #ksleg and read all about what you missed. Of …

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Today is the last day of the KS legislative session, also known as sine die which I believe is Latin for “destroyed a state.”  The big question today is will they address the large elephant in the room that I have affectionately named Gannon? According to some, including Senate President Susan Wagle, the answer is …

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Dear Governor Brownback and Republican Lawmakers, Nothing says summertime bummertime like the Kansas Supreme Court handing down the big KS education decision on May 27th right before the kick off of the holiday weekend. “This case requires us to determine whether the State has met its burden to show that recent legislation brings the State’s …

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