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Dear Governor Brownback,   I was so busy on Friday celebrating the decision by the Supreme Court on gay marriage #LoveWins that I owe you an apology.   I should have taken a moment, put down the rainbow confetti and been more sensitive to the fact that you had a horrible week.  In fact,  if …

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Dear Charles Cotton,   I needed to reach out to you, Mr. Cotton, because there are few things in life that cause me so much shock that I am speechless for a moment.  My friends will tell you that this RARELY happens.  I admit the last time I was speechless was when Roseanne Barr belted …

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3d render of growing taxation concept

Dear Governor Brownback,   The dust has settled from the largest tax hike in Kansas history and you finally spoke to the press about it yesterday.  Like you, I’m trying to be optimistic about this enormous tax hike and look on the bright side.  Let’s just agree to call it something besides a gigantic tax …

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Update – The House was at it again last night.  This time they pulled an all nighter.  A “modified” tax bill was debated and finally voted on.  I think the only modifications made to the bill was language to clarify that a pack of cigarettes for the sin tax included 20 cigarettes.  Seriously – the …

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