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In case you haven’t heard, Governor Brownback has declared October Zombie Preparedness Month.   “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” Brownback said in a news release. Read more here:   As Kansans we are tough and are already prepared for just about anything –  I’m not just talking about seasonal tornadoes. …

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  Speaker Boehner announced today that he is retiring.  He met the Pope yesterday, had a political epiphany and he said, “I’m going home.  Peace out suckas.   Pack up my spray tan machine.  You’ll find me on the 16 fairway on a golf course in Cinci.” Maybe he didn’t say exxaaccctttllly that, but I’m …

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Dear Ms. Davis,   Holy Same Sex Marriage Drama Sister!  So let me get this straight – you are the queen of the marriage licenses in Kentucky (I’m sure that’s the official title on your business cards) and you are REFUSING to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Just as the nation was celebrating …

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Dear Republican Voters, I hope you don’t mind that I’m reaching out, but something crazy is going on in your party. It’s not really something, it’s more like someONE. That someone I’m talking about – Trump. We are little over a year out until the next election and Donald Trump is picking up steam.  How …

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