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Dear Governor Brownback and Republican Lawmakers, Nothing says summertime bummertime like the Kansas Supreme Court handing down the big KS education decision on May 27th right before the kick off of the holiday weekend. “This case requires us to determine whether the State has met its burden to show that recent legislation brings the State’s …

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Kansas is keeping my blood pressure up this week with a series of ridiculous stories from around the state. Let’s start with the shooting at a graduation that started in an uncomfortable sock. I’ve watched a lot of action movies in my life and NEVER I mean NEVER have I ever seen the good guy …

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This is me excited to ride the Kansas City streetcar today. Can’t you tell by my nifty T-shirt?  I won that T-shirt last year in a twitter contest where I tweeted in 140 characters or less why I was so excited to ride the Kansas City streetcar. Today I wore my special t-shirt downtown to …

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Dear Kansas Democrats,   Here was the headline that jumped out on my twitter feed, Spat between #ksleg Democrats sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you’  You had me at spat.  Of course I’m going to click on it.  Goooo ooooonnnnnnn…. “TOPEKA — An open rift among Kansas Senate Democrats was exposed …

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Dear MO lawmakers, I am going to confess something just between you and me.  I have a superpower.  I have the ability to look into the future and predict what what will happen.  It’s not on all things or trust me, I would have already quit my day job, launched my highly successful reality television …

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