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Oh Mo! The time has come. Take your last sip, turn on the lights and find your pants. The party is so oh-ver in Jeff City. After years and years of bad behavior, openly oogling the interns and too many shenanigans to count, the Governor has introduced comprehensive ethics reform. You and I both know …

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The hottest read in Kansas right now is the new survey put out by Fort Hays State – Kansas Speaks 2015! A public opinion survey. I added the exclamation point to give it a little more pizzazz – kind of like Jeb!  Hey, these guys are researchers, not marketers or they would have added the …

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In case you haven’t heard, Governor Brownback has declared October Zombie Preparedness Month.   “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything,” Brownback said in a news release. Read more here:   As Kansans we are tough and are already prepared for just about anything –  I’m not just talking about seasonal tornadoes. …

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  Speaker Boehner announced today that he is retiring.  He met the Pope yesterday, had a political epiphany and he said, “I’m going home.  Peace out suckas.   Pack up my spray tan machine.  You’ll find me on the 16 fairway on a golf course in Cinci.” Maybe he didn’t say exxaaccctttllly that, but I’m …

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