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Governor Brownback and I have something in common.  Just like the Go-Go’s song, vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away…Brownback and I are both about to take a summer vaca!  Stop the gossip train – to clarify we are both about to take summer vacations  separately.  Geez people…that’s a super gross thought. …

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Would you believe we are more than a year out from the next Presidential election?  With all the press, you would think we were only a month away. What the Dem’s have provided us with an absolute campaign snoozefest, the GOP has made up for in a Kardashian-like reality show.  It’s hotter than Kansas City …

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Dear Mr. Skiles, Dent County Commissioner,   Dent County is making a lot of news right now after you and the other commissioners in Dent County voted to lower the flags to half-staff.  I thought to myself, “did someone important die in Dent County?”   No.   The lowering of the flag was out of …

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It’s only been a few weeks since the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in America and as quick as you can say, “costly Kansas lawsuits” Brownback is already pondering a new religious objection law to block the gay marriage ruling.   “You have to understand and get the mechanisms in place,” he told reporters. …

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This comment was posted by a reader a few days ago.  With all the news breaking the last few days, I haven’t been able to address it…..   UNTIL NOW.   IssueIsMentalIllness 5 days ago   Dear Ms. Patton,   Today is Friday June 26, and I’m hoping to reach you before your next posting. …

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