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Kansas is keeping my blood pressure up this week with a series of ridiculous stories from around the state. Let’s start with the shooting at a graduation that started in an uncomfortable sock. I’ve watched a lot of action movies in my life and NEVER I mean NEVER have I ever seen the good guy …

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the Superhero of Voter Fraud had a win this week.  You might remember him as the Secretary of State who championed the strictest voter i.d. laws in the country.  To vote in Kansas, you now have to present the following: A valid drivers license/ passport A note from your …

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It’s the end of the year and before we pop the champagne and kiss the person next to us, lets take a look back at 2015. Oh Kansas – 2015 was one crazy legislative ride. It had more drama than a Kardashian Thanksgiving. From same-sex marriage to education funding there was a fight at every …

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As news of the latest mass shooting spread across the nation, politicians were quick to spread thoughts and prayers for the victims.   We all know it’s the appropriate response to an increasing problem in this nation – mass shootings. Nothing soothes the wounds of a nation like quiet and thoughtful prayer.   Now we …

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Dear Charles Cotton,   I needed to reach out to you, Mr. Cotton, because there are few things in life that cause me so much shock that I am speechless for a moment.  My friends will tell you that this RARELY happens.  I admit the last time I was speechless was when Roseanne Barr belted …

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