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It’s the end of the year and before we pop the champagne and kiss the person next to us, lets take a look back at 2015. Oh Kansas – 2015 was one crazy legislative ride. It had more drama than a Kardashian Thanksgiving. From same-sex marriage to education funding there was a fight at every …

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Would you believe we are more than a year out from the next Presidential election?  With all the press, you would think we were only a month away. What the Dem’s have provided us with an absolute campaign snoozefest, the GOP has made up for in a Kardashian-like reality show.  It’s hotter than Kansas City …

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In case you missed it, President Obama is taking some heat for not joining world leaders in France as they marched against terrorism last Sunday after the brutal terrorist attacks that left their country in shock. Reports say that more than 3 million people marched in the streets of Paris to defy terrorism.  World leaders …

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Dear Governor Brownback,   Tis the season of holiday parties! First there were Christmas parties and now there are New Year’s parties, but we can’t forget the ultimate party that will be coming up after the first of the year (no, not my birthday party) your inauguration ball!   I’m over my shock that you …

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