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ward and June cleaver

Topeka is in rapid fire homophobia mode this week.  It’s happening so fast that I can’t keep up. First there was the CARE Family Senate bill 158 introduced earlier this week.  Let me sum that up for you.  If you want to be a 1st tier foster family in Kansas you have to look and act …

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Happy Presidents’ Day Is that what you say?  If yes, then there you go, if no, then I am just acknowledging Presidents’ Day.  I think most people could care less unless you work somewhere that is closed today.  I am self employed so I celebrate every federal holiday.  So, back to my point, Happy Presidents’ Day! Throughout …

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Wide range of topics, I know.  Hey, it’s my blog so I’m going to write about what I want.  Well for all three of you who keep up with my Midwest Voices posts, you might have noticed that I goofed.  Not to relive the entire saga, but I wrote about a stupid abortion bill and …

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I have decided it’s time.  It’s time for me to launch another blog.  I’ve had a few blogs in the past.  I had a blog called the Road to Adoption about my journey in adopting my beautiful daughter.  I had another blog called Tush Face that I took down a few years ago.  Quick story …

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