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Governor Brownback did it today.  He signed SB 45 known as the Constitutional Carry Bill.  From Ammoland Sporting news (yes, I occasionally read Ammoland Sporting News), “The bill restores second amendment rights in Kansas close to what they were when the Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.” Read more: Woohoo! Here’s …

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This past week Kansas passed SB 45 and it’s on its way to the Governor Brownback’s desk for signing.   What is Senate Bill 45?  SB 45 allows new drivers the ability to start driving a car without any training and without a driver’s test.  All a new driver has to do is buy a …

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Dear Future Teachers,   Springtime is here and soon you will be graduating and starting your new career as a teacher.  I’m sure you have already started thinking about where you will go this fall  to put down roots.  I realize the whole country is an option –  each state having great schools and lovely …

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You might have heard me this morning.  I dusted off my old pom poms and started my old cheers from back when I was a junior high cheerleader – “We’re #1, we can’t be #2, we’re going to kick the snot out of you! Gooooooo Kansas!” Why am I so excited about being #1? Kansas …

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In Kansas, it’s commonplace for bills that fail to come up year after year when a lawmaker wants to be a pain in the ass.  That seems to be the case with the parental consent for teaching sex-ed bill.  In this 2015 bill, parents would be given the sex ed curriculum and would have to …

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