Aimee Patton

A pleasantly eccentric take on politics


Kansas is keeping my blood pressure up this week with a series of ridiculous stories from around the state. Let’s start with the shooting at a graduation that started in an uncomfortable sock. I’ve watched a lot of action movies in my life and NEVER I mean NEVER have I ever seen the good guy …

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Update: Kansas Senator Forrest Knox posted his little gem on his Facebook page last night linking gender identity issues and child abuse. His source looks like it is based in medical fact, but in reality is a group that has their own political agenda. From the group’s website: Vision of the College The American College …

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Something happened this week that was startling to Kansas lawmakers. A bill was introduced by Kansas Republican Barbara Bollier that was deeply rooted in something rarely found in Topeka.  In fact, it’s so rare that it has lawmakers shocked and unsure of what to do with this bill.   “We’ve heard about bills like this …

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The Kansas legislature is barely back in session for 2016 and before their seats can even get nice and toasty warm that can only mean one thing – Another gun bill! The NRA must be giving some sort of trophy for the most gun bills by a state, because Kansas can’t crank them out fast …

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