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  Speaker Boehner announced today that he is retiring.  He met the Pope yesterday, had a political epiphany and he said, “I’m going home.  Peace out suckas.   Pack up my spray tan machine.  You’ll find me on the 16 fairway on a golf course in Cinci.” Maybe he didn’t say exxaaccctttllly that, but I’m …

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Dear Kansas lawmakers,   It’s day 108 of your session and you’ve managed to do something unthinkable.  No, it’s not that you’ve had the longest session in recorded Kansas history.  No, it’s not that you’ve racked up an insane amount of overtime that the Kansas taxpayers are responsible for.  No, it’s not that you’ve had …

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Dear Kansas lawmakers,   I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that you are breaking records for how long you have been in session this year.  As exciting as your #ksleg twitter feed is to read, I’m getting tired and cranky.  We all know the story by now -the radical …

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Dear Senator Arpke,   As Kansas lawmakers struggle to find a way to balance the state budget with a $400 million dollars deficit, I had to reach out to you for being so brave and heroic during this difficult time. Almost all of our Kansas Senators find themselves in rainy Topeka day after day (going …

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Governor Brownback did it today.  He signed SB 45 known as the Constitutional Carry Bill.  From Ammoland Sporting news (yes, I occasionally read Ammoland Sporting News), “The bill restores second amendment rights in Kansas close to what they were when the Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.” Read more: Woohoo! Here’s …

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