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Oh Mo! The time has come. Take your last sip, turn on the lights and find your pants. The party is so oh-ver in Jeff City. After years and years of bad behavior, openly oogling the interns and too many shenanigans to count, the Governor has introduced comprehensive ethics reform. You and I both know …

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It wasn’t long ago that here in Kansas we had a problem with welfare recipients taking cruises on the tax payer dime.  The welfare checks would come out and like clockwork, our most disadvantaged would grab their iPhone 6s, dial-up Carnival Cruise Lines pushing each button with their freshly manicured nails.  That’s when our lawmakers …

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I’m happy to announce that after many hours of thought and hundreds and hundreds of hours of debate – it’s finally happened.  I’ve been drawn to the other side.  I’ve finally been convinced to become a Conservative Republican. I’m not sure when the final moment came that convinced me that the conservative movement was where …

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This morning I read an interesting headline about the measles outbreak- “Measles outbreak is forcing this country to have a much needed conversation about vaccinations.” I love conversations.  I have them all the time.  In fact, my most recent conversation was whether or not the leather pants that Kim Kardashian wore to the zoo was …

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