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It wasn’t long ago that here in Kansas we had a problem with welfare recipients taking cruises on the tax payer dime.  The welfare checks would come out and like clockwork, our most disadvantaged would grab their iPhone 6s, dial-up Carnival Cruise Lines pushing each button with their freshly manicured nails.  That’s when our lawmakers …

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I’m happy to announce that after many hours of thought and hundreds and hundreds of hours of debate – it’s finally happened.  I’ve been drawn to the other side.  I’ve finally been convinced to become a Conservative Republican. I’m not sure when the final moment came that convinced me that the conservative movement was where …

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This morning I read an interesting headline about the measles outbreak- “Measles outbreak is forcing this country to have a much needed conversation about vaccinations.” I love conversations.  I have them all the time.  In fact, my most recent conversation was whether or not the leather pants that Kim Kardashian wore to the zoo was …

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Update 12/17/2014 Congressman Yoder has finally come out and commented on his role in inserting the Big Banks language into the Omnibus bill. In his newsletter yesterday this was included, Some members of the media have been misconstruing one provision in particular that I supported in the Appropriations Committee earlier in the year. I joined …

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