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As news of the latest mass shooting spread across the nation, politicians were quick to spread thoughts and prayers for the victims.   We all know it’s the appropriate response to an increasing problem in this nation – mass shootings. Nothing soothes the wounds of a nation like quiet and thoughtful prayer.   Now we …

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Dear Charles Cotton,   I needed to reach out to you, Mr. Cotton, because there are few things in life that cause me so much shock that I am speechless for a moment.  My friends will tell you that this RARELY happens.  I admit the last time I was speechless was when Roseanne Barr belted …

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When you think of American college kids what comes to mind? If you said partying – I would say grab some cheap beer and a beer bong and let’s do this!  However, if you are like many state lawmakers that’s not what is coming to mind these days.  Turns out when they think of college …

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This past week Kansas passed SB 45 and it’s on its way to the Governor Brownback’s desk for signing.   What is Senate Bill 45?  SB 45 allows new drivers the ability to start driving a car without any training and without a driver’s test.  All a new driver has to do is buy a …

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