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The hottest read in Kansas right now is the new survey put out by Fort Hays State – Kansas Speaks 2015! A public opinion survey. I added the exclamation point to give it a little more pizzazz – kind of like Jeb!  Hey, these guys are researchers, not marketers or they would have added the …

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Update – The House was at it again last night.  This time they pulled an all nighter.  A “modified” tax bill was debated and finally voted on.  I think the only modifications made to the bill was language to clarify that a pack of cigarettes for the sin tax included 20 cigarettes.  Seriously – the …

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In Kansas, it’s commonplace for bills that fail to come up year after year when a lawmaker wants to be a pain in the ass.  That seems to be the case with the parental consent for teaching sex-ed bill.  In this 2015 bill, parents would be given the sex ed curriculum and would have to …

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I’m convinced that Topeka lawmakers have a list of all the things that piss me off and they have gone down the list this week checking it off as they go: 1. A bill that gives a monetary reward to perfect, heterosexual, Christian foster families over other types of foster families….check 2. Take away discrimination …

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Dear Governor Brownback,   Tis the season of holiday parties! First there were Christmas parties and now there are New Year’s parties, but we can’t forget the ultimate party that will be coming up after the first of the year (no, not my birthday party) your inauguration ball!   I’m over my shock that you …

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